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  1. coolhead23


    Thanks F***! For the wrong choices else U would had been still here.
  2. ....... and we wanted to sell him to make some money while we can.
  3. Champions of Europe!!! What a feeling!!! Late to the party here but still pumped ... Pep fucked up but nothing can be taken away from Chelsea ... they were E-X-C-E-P-T-I-O-N-A-L ... everyone played like a warrior and it was clear that we were the more determined lot. CHAMPIONS!!!
  4. 4th Place - Accomplished (thanks Spurs / Leicester) a Cup (League or FA) - Missed by a game QF of the CL - Overachieved Solid team chemistry by the end of the season - Chemistry is good just the physics of getting the ball in the net is missing. Overall - A little more than "Met Expectation" with the potential to be part of History season.
  5. Need Defender and Striker ... not the upcoming ones, no "generational talents", no wonderkids, no patchups type ... but a proper WC for both positions. Period! Also need a midfield who can command/distribute ... Kante still has a couple of seasons left so we need to get someone to partner him. We r light in the middle so need a person better than Jorginho/Kovavic. More importantly Tuchel needs to have a backup plan in place.
  6. Precisely they were bad than us ... the Everton loss and Burnley draw took away 4 points which were doable specially the way they were playing.
  7. Bad game, looking the way we're playing last few games we didnt deserve the top 4 ... there was no joy about finishing their, basically Leicester and West Ham were even bad in the final games. There is hardly any changes in the approach /strategy, just the intensity moves up a notch or comes down. Teams love to defend against us because we self destruct in the final third which makes defence easier. For a fan our playing pattern is so predictable imagine for those who are earning to analyse it ... City starts favorite and for me surely going the win the CL based on how we're performing p
  8. Never understood why do we need Sancho when we have Pulisic and Odoi on the wide position? Even Werner can be moved in there if there is a world class no 9. It seems like we r connected to every "the next best thing", "Generational talent", "wonder kid" without checking who we have. The best part is that expectation is that everyone should come in and get the ground running however the reality is different. Imagine getting Sancho & he turns out average in his first season (which is a strong possibility), towards the end of the season papers would be looking for the next best thing to
  9. Good 3 points ... First half was intense, could see we wanted it more than them, would say unlucky that Werner could had 2 goals but it's just how his season has been. Joriginho's penalty was pure class. In terms of how played the entire game, would be average ... intensity started to come down as soon as the first goal went in. Our passing was bang average, there are overlapping runs been made but we still chose the difficult through balls. If we play like this in the final, then we will be beaten by City hands down. Conversion in the final third is going to be a huge concern, it wouldn
  10. I really hope Chelsea if going after a striker then we should really go all out on Harry Kane (I get the rivalry, etc etc). He is every bit of striker that Chelsea needs - complete product, puts in loads of work, team player, determined, etc. Injury is a risk for him but otherwise he ticks all the boxes for me. Will take us from Top 4 to title challenger next season. Wishful thinking ... but fingers crossed!!!
  11. Disappointing week for Chelsea ... 3 losses, 2 of them are in the finals. Women team had being brilliant and going by the score, seem Barca would had being much better team because we had set the bar pretty high. Kudos to the team!!!
  12. This was a bad loss ... damn 2 years in the running now. We should have closed the game in the first half when we were dominating possession and were getting regularly into their final third. This is a flaw which we need to overcome else we would be losing/drawing such games. Really disappointing!!!
  13. I believe Arsenal were the other team too in the race. I think we moved in and closed the deal earlier which was a masterstroke from our side. Also I believe most of the top team had a settle DM at that point of time hence no one must have moved in early (just an assumption)
  14. One match I dislike losing and we lost that when we are having such a good run. Bad day in office, I hope we r now done with losing games for this season and lets achieve the impossible.
  15. One opponent I dont want losing or drawing, no matter how but only a win ...
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