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  1. Yes ... But he will also have a good team ... all of us wants him to press the self destruct button from time to time. If that happens or not is to be seen. The thing is United are a good team on paper if they can replicate it on field then they come close to City who is still miles above the rest.
  2. Nice read ... good to know the other side as well
  3. This will a top signing for United if it goes through ... this will elevate their levels. Will dread this one.
  4. Hopefully the Coman rumors go on rest now ...
  5. Could be some discussion with the player and an agreement (hopefully) On the onset, not a good move.
  6. Honestly which team can realistically afford Haaland this season ... None other than Chelsea/City maybe PSG (dont see Haaland going there), all this talk about Madrid getting in for him i feel is just BS. They are know to be going after Mbappe and cant afford Mbappe so Haaland is out of question for the next 2 years. Clubs are on a downhill in terms of finances and I feel it will continue for 2 seasons so such crazy buys mite not happen. In England, City is after Kane and United has already broken the bank. City if they get Kane wouldnt look for another, United maybe next year MITE.
  7. Thats works too ... maybe his successor would be a smart one
  8. I really hope we go all out on Kane ... Tammy could be a good swap deal in that. Both teams get a striker, London based. It is a ideally a win win for all parties except Spurs fans
  9. This is a strange move if it goes through with buy back and everything ... He is suppose to be the next player coming out of the ranks and we have a big loanee network so why sell him? Makes no sense. We have moved into a situation where players in the market have crazy valuation, it is important to hold on our academy players who have potential so that we groom them, move them into first team and maintain some financial sanity. I m sure if Guehi was in another team, his potential would had been hyped up & we would have been talking about getting him for 50-60m
  10. Today's age this wouldnt take 50 years but would escalate way faster in fact we already r seeing insane wages ... Barca (if what is going around if true) is a perfect example. Precisely, financial instability and it is obvious. Best examples are our workplaces where we want to be at the same package as that of our peers so why wouldnt these players want the same at their workspaces.
  11. The issue with Haaland or Mbappe transfer is no matter how good they are, the fees along with the Agent fees and salary is going to be crazy. This will lay down template for all future "so called talent" and hard to acquire because the influx of revenue wouldnt go up like the fees are. Clubs needs to seriously start looking at this things and start capping. Yes we are looking at so call superstar of the game but the money is insane and it can bleed out finances thus creating instability.
  12. Based on the titles for this season, Jorginho with Emerson are among the best players in Europe followed by Mount, Resse and Chilwell
  13. But they still will have Pep
  14. coolhead23


    Thanks F***! For the wrong choices else U would had been still here.
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