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  1. Well he will always remain Average for us
  2. Honestly I'm still not sold on Tuchel, just glad or rather surprised that we got all 3 points. While we surely have strengthened our defense yy concern is still our final third play. Like I said from the highlights it looked we're improving so yes it surely can bring back some confidence. One win can do loads of things & that is a fact, if u have doubts please watch Arsenal Fan TV
  3. To be honest, wasnt expecting a win I was sure it would be a draw but wow! good to be proved wrong. Saw the highlights and it seems that we're improving in the final 3rd. It seems everyone was superb yesterday, I hope we continue with this momentum. Go Blues!!!
  4. Had lot of expectation from this game to see how we play against a pacey opponents who are good on the counter and Boy! it turn out to be a damn boring game. 2 teams who just didnt want to take on the others, no wonder why United has not scored much and Chelsea are equally defensive against the top 4-6 sides. Not sure if it's just me, we dont look convincing in the final 3. Baring that save from De Gea which should have gone in, dont think there was any real threat on the goal (yes 2 good cross apart for the shot). The only positive is we looked solid defensively, Kante was the driver pa
  5. Mason Mount for me the prefect (nearly) squad player someone who is needed in a team. He is someone who would be a manager's delight because he offers something in all positions but for fans he would always he doesnt specializes in anything. At 22, he definitely has the right attitude, drive & determination to succeed. He remind of a young Lampard and maybe would have the same path to success.
  6. A million dollar question ... rather a 25m one!!!
  7. Bad performance by us ... the one team that I didnt want to lose and we do it & how!!!
  8. Got a feeling that Lampard would defend this out specially with we missing our full backs and the last match against them was not a good one. Both teams need to win to get going but it could turn out to be a boring affair.
  9. Was a bad game ... the confidence and zeal in the first half was the extreme opposite in the second. Players looked tired and exhausted, there was no drive after the first goal, incomplete passess, losing out balls, no threat in the final third, tactics of only using the flanks, was really bad overall. Pretty much everyone had a bad game. Wenger & Havertz looked out of depth, Silva made too many mistake it just didnt amplify because he recovered well and disappointed with Mendy too. Hope the 6 day rest provides some help as we enter into another flurry of games. Lampard need to get a
  10. Bad day at office ... flurry of games coming our way, another one tomm. Hope we pick up and get going!!!
  11. Didnt watch the match, woke up in the morning ... checked the score and hohohohohohohohooooo ... It was the Giroud show!!! 4 goals ... Brilliant!!! One of the most underrated striker in club setup. What a start to the day ...
  12. Decent game, a very safe one for both sides. Nothing much to write off. Was sort of expecting it, Lampard seems to play it safe till the chemistry is top notch (I'm assuming). Maybe it makes sense in Lampard's defence to accumulate as many points we can from the mid & lower tier teams while being safe with the top ones which means comes March we are well played in the top 4. With a well set team, we can then push to better things whether PL of CL (if we r there till then) ... Wished Giroud could have converted that half chance ... Alas! And yes, he should have come in earlier.
  13. The most easiest thing which could had happened was we would have drop the levels & maybe draw or lose the game specially when everyone is going ga-ga about Chelsea plus add to it the international break & key players missing. But hats off to the team, they managed to maintain the momentum and it was a very professional performance. Some hits & misses obviously but 3 points and clean sheet, cant ask for more. Kante is returning to his peak, he is again becoming a nuisance for the opposition and Zouma has started growing in confidence which is heartening to see. Hope we carry
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