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  1. somebody know why Oscar not even on the bench?
  2. the closest one to roman is solanke and the other one is RLC? i though it's solanke but he look so different right now so i was not sure about it, but i didn't had a clue about RLC
  3. i would start like this, if terry and zouma still not fit: Courtois azpi chail luiz moses alonso oscar Chalobah michy costa hazard hope that Chalobah is fit, he deserve his chance. willan will not play i guess because of his mother.
  4. who are the other two boys in the photo anyone knows?
  5. I found him a clone-Djimon Gaston Hounsou
  6. if we give our youth players the name kids they will never get there chances because they will be treated like kids. yes i think he is a better CB then Luiz and i don't know what happend to chaill since terry not playing, i think we are lacking two importent think at the back: the first one is pace and the second one is concentration and i think Chalobah have them both, i don't know if he is the best tackler but i think a player that played all is youth career as a CB, all the coaches at chelsea youth chose him to play in that role for a reason. and in waltford,n.forest he played a lot of time
  7. Courtois Aina - Chalobah - Alonso - Azpi RLC - Oscar Moses Hazard Costa - Michy
  8. i think kante shold be drooped out, he played really bad in his last 2 matches. i would start with aina, Chalobah, alonso, azpi at the back with RLC and oscar as MC, as wingers with moses and hazard and costa and michy as 2 strikers side by side. i know RLC need to run more and play better that he did until now but we need to give him a chance. what do you think about this XI?
  9. love this one just think will be better to give chalobah a chance rather then mikel, but unfortunately i don't think he is part of the squad for the game.
  10. have 9 goals already in all competitions until now
  11. Conte already said he won't play with luiz and alonso against swansea because they just came, so i can't understand why all people here writing formation with them...
  12. if i will chose a 3-5-2 so i will make some changes from yours squad: first luiz out chaill in because i still not trust luiz until he will show otherwise, second all the idea of playing 5 at the back is not to play with 2 defensive midfielders so i will put matic out and put oscar in, get costa out and put hazard their because we don't have any good striker on the bench to get inside if michy and costa is in the first 11, and last as a AMC i will put willan. like this: hazard---michy willan oscar-----Kante Alonso
  13. don't you think Bruno Martins Indi would have been a better deal? he went to stoke on a loan so i believe he would liked to come to us as well... and if the market was that crazy why not loan someone until christensen is coming back to us, and ake as well. even loan luiz but why buying him in so much money?! a 29 years old player and unreliable too.
  14. loan ake and bring him on?! i love conte but really?! i prefer kalas in every single day! even put chalobah as a DC, i will go even more further then that- put mikel as a CB and don't sign this guy...
  15. please let it be another zouma case!
  16. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11701/10558771/bruno-martins-indi-heads-to-stoke-city-for-medical-ahead-of-loan-move why we can't bring this guy?! please i hope we don't get luiz back...
  17. why he is not loaned out yet?
  18. Finally we played like we should, the boss of the match, maybe you will not agree with me but i think the weaker player was costa, yes he scored a goal but made so much mistakes, was selfish,bad technique,Could not handle the ball in some cases and worst still acting like crazy man on the pitch. hazard was great, The most surprising for me was oscar and matic, this is what box to box player is all about, ya they both need to improve accuracy of ball delivery, but still they played really good, oscar made some tackle and running i have never saw from him, kante was great as well, was weak in th
  19. gave today an assist of the winning goal against Newcastle
  20. anyone know something about this guy: Victor Lindelof?
  21. it's been on my mind too but i thought he is on loan for 6 years and they just bought gameiro, so maybe they put a Clause buying back..and maybe this player want's firs team football and that's why he went to swansea and not to a big club to seat on the bench
  22. Swansea City have agreed a club-record £15m fee for Atletico Madrid striker Borja Baston, according to Sky sources. he is 23 year old, scored 18 goals least season in the la liga and two seasons ago he scored 22 goals, why the hell we didn't bought him and sold costa? it's a great price and like that we could had extra money to bring a LB and CB.
  23. didn't went out to Bremen, believe he will be loaned out
  24. sound by the video that he didn't impressed Conte
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