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  1. Hopefully that's a bit of hyperbole because Lukaku and Benteke certainly aren't "head and shoulders" above the likes of Neymar, Jovetic, Balotelli, Sturridge, Pato and Luis Muriel.
  2. Ter Stegen is far better with his feet. Probably has a lot to do with it.
  3. Biggest wish for JM next year is to improve his play when in possession of the ball. I feel despite his talent he doesn't dominate enough games but is there a way for him to become more of a well-rounded midfielder without completely sacrificing his productivity in the final third? That was probably Lamps only weakness and why he'll never truly (rightfully or wrongfully) be regarded amongst the greats of the game despite his unprecedented decisiveness, consistency and accomplishments, while Juan on the other hand still has time on his side to develop that side of his game.
  4. So, after watching a couple of Messi match comps before he became a CF, I take back the "not turning him into a goalscorer " comments and I'm now convinced he could be that player. He could potentially be a 30+ goal a season player. It's definitely going to take a change in mentality for it to work though. I feel he's too nonchalant in attacking situations and his first instinct is to look for the pass (even in 1 v 1 situations!) when he has the ability to burn pretty much any defender in the League. I really do wish he would be more aggressive at times but maybe it's a case Eden himself being
  5. Uh oh they've already turned on Luiz. Burn him!!!! Fact is once you've developed a certain reputation it takes years to shake it off. Ivanovic's positioning is utterly shocking but everyone thinks he's a great defender, Cahill doesn't have the cojones to take charge of a situation but he's a lion at the back. Luiz who's come leaps and bounds defensively this year is the worst of our defenders and obviously better at DM though. A position where he's clearly useless in despite scoring a couple of worldies from there.
  6. Cex is an attacking midfielder and he's no better than Mata. He won't improve us.
  7. Lighten up, it's just a nickname. It's far better than the atrocious 'Mazascar' anyway.
  8. A player that can't defend for CM. LOL Clearly a BS rumour unlike the disturbing Schurrle links.
  9. Varane got destroyed in the latter stages of the CL. I'm not so sure.
  10. Average footballer tbh. Draxler is the superior talent. Go for him if the club doesn't rate KDB.
  11. Gilvorak


    Why the hell is he still playing as a winger?
  12. Because the club are idiots you don't want him back? He's one of the best in his position and he would improve us a lot. He's better than De Rossi for instance and has a lot left in the tank unlike DDR. Unreal size, terrific composure on the ball and wins a lot of challenges. €30m is steep though especially considering the fact we practically gave him to these c**ts for free.
  13. @_GoncaloLopes: Matic, Mourinho's first choice to lead Chelsea's midfield. #cfc #Mourinho @_GoncaloLopes: 30m€, the offer that could be enough to buy him. #cfc #mourinho #benfica Would be an immense signing. Reminds me of Rendondo.
  14. So what are everyone's expectations of Frank next season? Especially now that he's broken the 40+ year record?
  15. Gilvorak


    This might sound insane but I prefer Oscar centrally to Mata. Mata plays more like a devastating forward minded player there and doesn't even attempt to defend while Oscar is the superior midfielder. Remember those two games against Arsenal/Juve early on where Oscar harrassed Pirlo/Arteta for 90 minutes and we actually averaged more possession in both games? In my opinion, our best form this season came when Mata was deployed out wide.....before our annual winter meltdown & managerial sacking of course.
  16. Wrong. Didier would have stayed had we offered him a new contract. We didn't.
  17. I'm serious about signing that Muriel lad. Incredible player in the making.
  18. I think he's overrated at £50m even though he's obviously a Top 5 striker. Ibra who's the superior player went for only £25m, same for RVP who's no worse. Tired of the club paying obscene amount of money on players. We're the only top club that always seems to get fleeced for some reason.
  19. Massively overrated because of that hat trick against us. What has he done that Higuain and Mario Gomez haven't? Are those two worth 60m? Hell no, Dodged a bullet.
  20. You're right it was a shocking buy. But unlike everyone else I place the blame on the cronies that run the club not the player. Whether you like it or not its Buck and the other cunts who thought it would be wise to spend £50m on a player in rapid decline and hampered by injuries although they would be more than delighted to have the fans believe otherwise.By the way, I was one of Sturridge's biggest backers and the way he's been playing at Liverpool looks like it'll eventually bite us in the arse.
  21. Nope. The club forced his hand for Torres of all people. Put one of the most illogical buys in PL history over Chelsea's greatest striker just to save face. Will never forgive the club for it. It's similar to Lamps saga really except Lampard had the relentless backing from his media mates and constantly moaned about the situation to the press. Afraid JT's off next summer as well though, no one to protect him.
  22. Trophies aren't the be-all and end-all.Pretty sure every Chelsea fan celebrated Lampard's 203rd more than the Europa League!
  23. Fair enough. Can see why that upset a few people.
  24. Seems like I've touched a nerve. Club is a complete joke, take the blinders off. After the Di Matteo sacking and hiring Rafa I've lost faith in the people that run it. Disagreeing with how the club is run doesn't make me less of a fan than anyone else. 9 managers in 9 years. Spending a combined £80m combined on Torres and Shevchenko. Not allowing Drogba to retire at the club and nearly doing the same with Lamps if not for his mates in the press. Failure to produce a single homegrown talent in over ten years and immorally stacking up on youth only to neglect them months later. 23 players on loa
  25. I really hope Torres leaves and goes to Atletico. He's tarnished his reputation at this joke of a club and unlike Shevchenko he still has some time on him to repair it. The way some fans constantly abuse him and deride him on here you'd never think he was actually the best striker on the planet at one point of his career just like Sheva was. Liverpool/Spain irresponsibly burning him out, back to back hamstring injuries, playing an obscene amount of games in his early years and loss on confidence are why he's not the player he once was. As much as fans love to blame the player Chelsea are the
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