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  1. Heard from a good source Mou's not interested and would prefer keeping KDB at the club. Already the first battle between Jose and the board and he hasn't even been appointed yet!
  2. Latest on the lad? Never seen a player have so many fans despite achieving so very little in his career. The amount of female fans he has on twitter alone is insane.
  3. Forget about Cavani and take a punt on Luis Muriel.
  4. I would have him here in an instant. Question is how much would he be worth and would he be willing to move here? He probably isn't as good as he was 2/3 years ago but he can't be far off from that level. Would a nice stop gap too of RLC continues his rapid development and provide some much needed experience.
  5. Not sure if serious.... He plays on the right for Belgium, he played on the right for Genk before switching to LW and then CM and his single best performance this year for Werder was also at RW. Sure his best position is probably central but its arguably Hazards too and as we've seen these past 8/9 months, he's just as effective out wide.
  6. Robben and Ribery weren't renowned for their work rate either until this season. Mata is hopeless, Hazard has shown a willingness to track back as the season has gone on and Oscar is brilliant defensively. Those three aren't the problem for our crappy defense either by the way. It's been going on for a good 3 seasons now long before they arrived. Mou's return should hopefully rectify that problem.
  7. So we're spending £20m on a player solely for depth? There are only three positions at a time for these players. Ideally you'd want 5/6 quality players for those positions, a backup for each slot with youth players waiting in line. Hazard Oscar Mata De Bruyne Moses Marin/Piazon That isn't depth? How many clubs have better options than those 6? Bayern are on course for a treble with Muller, Ribery, Robben, Kroos & Shaqiri as their options behind the striker. You can't be having 9 players for 3 positions or whatever. No chance you'll keep them all happy. Instead of overpaying on a shot merch
  8. Have any of you actually watched Schurrle? I mean you'd think he was the second coming of Klinsmann reading some of the posts on here, so I actually made an effort to watch a few of his games and I was shocked at how average he is. If anyone can put forth a legitimate argument for the club putting a one trick pony like Schurrle above KDB I'll keep quiet once and for all. I mean even German fans/press think Schurrle has stagnated and is overestimated by English fans.
  9. Do people realise he was actually one of the best players in maybe the best League in the World this year? What makes people think KDB wouldn't be able have a similar impact here considering he carried his club form into the International level and has already become one of Belgium's best players in his first few starts. Keeping KDB means we can continue playing Hazard in his preferred position out on the left rather than pigeonholing him into the team on the right. Also the CL experience excuse is so poor lol. He's already played in the CL before, what could he possibly learn from getting kno
  10. Torres at his prime is 100x the player Schurrle will ever be and Andy Carroll was a classic case of panic buys.
  11. Looooooollll This is the most blatant Emenalo signing of all time. We've been linked for nearly 2 years now.
  12. I've seen the lad play alot and he most certainly has a selfish streak on him. Schurrle averages 3.6 shots per game which is the most in the Bundesliga and only had 11 goals to show for it. And by poor mans Sturridge I mean worse in every aspect a forward needs but obviously he destroys him defensively. So I don't get the logic in selling Danny to the bindippers and then signing an inferior player 5 months later. I'd rather KDB play there especially since he's equally adept playing on the right or left. He's able to impact the game more, better array of skills, scores just as many, versatile a
  13. How is Scurrle a team player? One of the most selfish players you'll ever see. He's basically a poor mans Sturridge but better work-rate.
  14. Yep, the man that has a squad of 23 players on loan is f**king clueless. Club has been a complete joke since he was appointed.
  15. @WhoScored: Andre Schürrle: Missed more clear cut chances (20) than any other player in the Bundesliga this season, whilst he scored only Hope KDB f**ks off when his loan is over. Emenalo and co are clueless.
  16. I'm not sure we're signing Cavani anymore to be honest. Don't think the club is willing to pay 50m on another striker and rightly so. Crespo, Sheva, Torres, Mutu, Kezman etc we're cursed. Bayern are on course to win the treble with Mandzukic as their first choice so a WC striker isn't really a necessity either. Maybe Ba stops falling over when he's through on goal, Torres doesn't go through a 2-3 month drought after weeks of great form and Lukaku pans out...? We have so many goal scorers in the team, starting from our defense so perhaps we could cope offensively. Still adamant the number one p
  17. Amazes me how people on here overhype almost every youngster the club has on it's books. Nat simply isn't good enough on the ball to play DM for a club of Chelsea's stature. That shouldn't be a slight on him either considering he's a CB and all. Same thing goes with Ake. While Josh and Romeu are also equally overhyped on here because of the bizarre hatred for Mikel and Ramires. Some people are massively under rating the lad on here though. He's not the Yaya/Essien type player the over-zealous fans make him out to be and he will never be better than Mikel/Ramires in that role but he most certai
  18. Is Courtois even better than Cech was at the same age? He was the best Gk in the World at Euro 2004 and he was around 22 then, so just a year older than Thibo currently is.
  19. As long as Cech is playing well you keep him. He's still easily the better goalkeeper....for now. Courtois is undoubtedly talented but has benefited from playing with a far better, committed and disciplined defense than the lunatics Cech has to deal with at the back. Atletico only concede 10 shots on goal p/g which is the 7th lowest in Europe overall while Cech faces 12, 35th best in Europe. A lot of those 10 shots Courtois concedes are hopeful punts from 30 yards out while Cech seems to bail us out about 3/4 times a game alone. Technically, Cech is still a level above Courtois anyway. Better
  20. Why's everyone saying Napoli will sign Torres? No sign they're interested at all. Just a crappy rumour due to Rafa joining them Trancredi says we're bidding 63m for Cavani. LOL
  21. Cavani is the best 9 in the World in my opinion. Shame we're going to get fleeced with City and Madrid also in the running though. Rafa won't have much say on the matter. De Laurentis is a crazy bastard and is his own man lol.
  22. Anyone watching this game can see why Nat's future lies at CB.
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