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  1. Does anyone have a stream for the Man United Bolton matchup?
  2. stream http://www.justin.tv/vip_tv_11#r=PwVtpog~
  3. Ashley is the only player who looks sober.
  4. WAKE THE FUCK UP Chelsea. Did everyone take a bunch of Xanax before the game or something?
  5. What a fucking joke. Fucking terrible looking team. Sub now.
  6. Ivanovic to come off the field at halftime. Absolutely shitty performance.
  7. Possibly our worst start this year. Please take off Ivanovic.
  8. This doesn't look good. Apparently this was a preset rule (the 2 window ban). http://www.fifa.com/mm/document/affederation/administration/66/98/97/statusandtransfer_en_2505.pdf
  9. Great now him and Di Santo are both injured grrrr
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