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  1. Another one of Mikel's long balls costs us.
  2. Tevez is the greediest player I've ever seen.
  3. Mikel's long balls are so s**t lol.
  4. He's been flawless so far. Redeem himself?
  5. Another great save. Luiz is no-mans land again.
  6. When did Maicon become a City player?
  7. Paulo's legs have gone lol. Hair remains the same though.
  8. Why the hell am I watching this? I really should be in bed.
  9. Ramires lol and Oscar is brilliant.
  10. Loftus Cheek looks class. Heard Wenger has been snooping around.
  11. City are so shit, how did we finish behind them?
  12. Lol getting outclassed in midfield even in a friendly.
  13. Honestly, stop posting your lack of knowledge on even the most basic things is getting exposed here. Out of all the Top 4 teams we're easily the ones the least prone to getting "outmuscled" or "bullied". Next you're going to tell me Barca wouldn't be ale to hang with Stoke.
  14. Wrong choice of words. I meant he WILL BE better than Schweinsteiger ever was.
  15. Scholes 168 CMXavi 170 CM Wilshere 172 CM Moutinho 170 CM Modric 175 CM Hell, Makelele 170 CM Weird post.
  16. After losing the midfield battle against nearly every big team we've faced this year I'm surprised some people still believe we need a Pogba type midfielder more than a Thiago.
  17. In what way is he a #10? He's an 8 like Gerrard, Scholes or Lampard.It's not as if he's a defensive liability like Mata either. He's just as hardworking as Wilshere, Gundogan and Ramsey who play in a similar role. Pair him with someone who dominates aerially and wins a shitload of challenges like Sandro, Lucas, Ramires, Javi Martinez etc and we're easily the best team in the country.
  18. Terrible post and you should be banned for it as well. He's a complete midfielder and would be the answer to all our problems in midfield. He's better than Gundogan, Modric, Schweinsteiger and co.
  19. Hearing rumours of him being available for a measly 15m this summer. What are we waiting for? He'll come here in an instant too with all the Brazilian and Spanish lads we have at the club.
  20. Very good player but he isn't good enough for a title contender. Hazard and Mata are already better players and Oscar will surpass him as well this time next year.
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