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  1. Needs to give it his all on the defensive end once the new striker comes in. Can't be pulling out of challenges and half-arsing under Mou. Has he finally forced his way into the Spanish starting lineup yet btw or is the inferior Silva still keeping him out the team?
  2. You sign a striker and another forward to perform those tasks instead of forcing an artist like Eden into an unconventional role he's not comfortable in. Even Eden himself said creating for others gives him more joy than scoring a goal. He'll always contribute about 10-15 goals a year and that's good enough for me. By your logic Barca should make Iniesta abandon his midfield duties and charge into the 18 yard box mercilessly looking for tap ins or cutbacks to score from. Mata is more of a scorer than Hazard to me anyway. Far better finisher and more composed in front of goal.
  3. Why does everyone want him to become a scorer? That's honestly never been his game, even at Lille where he was the main man. As long as he becomes more consistent and doesn't have a huge drop off in performances like he did after his first few weeks here I'm happy. I expect him to become a more productive version of Franck Ribery but a lot more aggressive in the "big games".
  4. Sums up our current fanbase. Shocking post.
  5. Terry is also a "scumbag". He's still the best defender the club will ever have play for them.
  6. What does everyone expect from Eden next year?
  7. How do you block posters? Can't stop cringing when I read that wankers posts. Slagging off the club and players and doom-mongering everytime he posts.
  8. This nono lad seems like a right bellend. It's a fucking friendly against a team playing their First XI after a 70 game season. Christ.
  9. This irrational hatred of Torres on here is pretty disturbing and plastic. I'll do my best to stay the hell away from the match threads now. Morons abusing a player over captaining a side for a stupid friendly, plastic wankers.
  10. Is this post actually serious? What the hell?
  11. What a bunch of soulless twats. Another full-strength team. I imagine whoever the hells running the team has been instructed to do so for their "Brand's" sake.
  12. How many youngsters have made it here over the last 10 years? Zero. Ake won't be the one to break that barren spell. Perhaps if he goes through another growth spurt he'd have a chance at CB but he isn't good enough on the ball to become a first choice DM. Same with Nate, who's had a solid year playing DM but his future lies at CB. Out of all the lads in the academy RLC and Chalobah are the only two near-certainties in my opinion. The rest will probably ever get a chance because of the amount of changes the club makes each year.
  13. Lol at the Falcao fanbois. He wouldn't even fit here, we dodged a bullet.
  14. He won't make it here. Not good enough for the DM role. Loftus Cheek has the best chance.
  15. He probably has the most chance out of all the other lads in making it here because he's f**king massive.
  16. He's not good enough. Overrated.
  17. Ash offers nothing in attack anymore and only shows up in European fixtures these days.With this being his final year at the club and with Ryan continuing to be mediocre at best, Shaw would be a terrific understudy and eventual replacement. We've already signed Didier's, Lamps', JT's and Cech's eventual replacements. What's wrong with one for Cole?
  18. Ash is done. Bring this lad in please. He's actually my dream signing. Him and Azpi on either flank would be immense.
  19. Massively overrated. People comparing the lad to Drogba lol. Do one.
  20. It's a friendly you drama queen. Calm down.
  21. This just reinforces the fact our midfield play is shockingly poor. Couldn't maintain possession and close a 3 nil lead. Ahh well decent game.
  22. Lol Chelsea. Epic bottle job even for a friendly.
  23. Even Ash hesitated to track back you can tell this is a friendly.
  24. So who was at fault for that goal? Mikel, Blackman, Cole and Torres all blamed.
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