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  1. Also, people should remember RLC is actually a CM, not a DM. I want to see if he can ultimately control matches & consistently make the difference with his technical/physical talent like Yaya, Vieira, Pogba etc when he reaches his peak. Not how many KMs he clocked.
  2. Utter nonsense. Stop peddling this myth lol He's 4th in the League in tackles made, 6th in interceptions. He's also completed the full 90 in each of his first two games, something people claimed he couldn't do.
  3. RLC has been played as a #10 or winger for the majority of his time here. Palace will be the first time he'll finally get to play in his preferred role.
  4. Costa was a great servant for us & easily Top 3 strikers we've had in the last 20 years. I'm just sick of people pretending he suddenly wasn't an incredibly frustrating to watch when he wasn't scoring. The poor touches, dribbling into blind alleys, failing to spot easy passes etc
  5. Musonda's clearly a special talent. It warms my heart to see the club refuse sign a RW that would hinder his chances. He's already one of the World's best dribblers imo & handing Hazard's old number to him clearly shows they rate him highly. Anyone reading this post please watch this entire video & tell me when Willian's ever played this well for us in his entire career? This is 100% a Hazard-lite performance.
  6. I actually think if any of our current CM's could be World Class in the future it'll probably be Bakayoko. He was playing at an insane level before his injury in the 2nd half of the season & is still very young with a lot of potential.
  7. Most overrated player at Chelsea along with Azpilicueta. Very good players but never World Class.
  8. Kante was Player of the Year. Hazard won't be missed.
  9. Michy had a great game no idea what match you lot were watching. He even scored a great goal that clearly should've stood. 7 (2 wrongly disallowed) goals & 3 assists in 4 games. Lol @ the usual suspects overrating Costa by the way. I knew this would happen. Michy will shut you all up in no time.
  10. Defenders that occasionally take risks to retain possession > pussies that hoof under any hint of pressure.
  11. Language barrier? He already speaks better English than Costa who's been here for 3 years lol.
  12. Thought he was pretty terrible in the first half actually & that crazy run shouldn't change that. But hey, what do I know?
  13. It was a great pass but he's lucky Hazard was on the receiving end instead of DC.
  14. Best player in the League by a country mile.
  15. His highest rated performances this season have come at Centre Forward according to Whoscored. Seems like you're talking out of your arse.
  16. If we sign Alexis Sanchez (longshot) we could play him at CF.
  17. He was then injured in the home leg against PSG & the away leg against Altetico. Just about cleared fit for the home leg then that tosser Mourinho put out this lineup against them He's destroyed all of United, City, Tottenham, Arsenal & Liverpool countless times yet he supposedly can't perform in the CL.
  18. He's performed in the CL numerous times. We just play cowardly football. Parking the bus against Atletico & then starting a game with 6 defenders, sitting deep against 10 man PSG & he was injured last season.
  19. Why do people keep claiming he downed tools last season when he was clearly injured? Does Hazard seem like that type of person to you? He's about to win us another title, people need to get over 15/16 already.
  20. Tielemans would be ideal but I don't think Conte is interested in developing a player instead of buying the finished product.
  21. Sorry but I don't rate this guy. We need to pair Kante with an athletic version of Fabregas.
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