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  1. Why not do a Giroud and go for Auba or Laca? I think both could do a decent job and bring more of the competition for Werner than completely ditch him. I do not really buy the idea, that we absolutely need main man up front. I think many of our attacking players could improve on numbers this year. Happy, we have ambitions and money to do things but think Lukaku is not who we need.
  2. He has a bit of Jones in him. Always going in any challenge. While bravery and self-sacrifice appreciated, I think he needs to be more cautious or could get another injury.
  3. At the moment we heavily rely on Kova Jorginho for the transition. Soon others will figure out it and close them up. Mourinho already did it in the second half and we have problems. Just hope that won't end in our back three passing to each other without any clue. I like the idea of winger-wingback it makes three CB more justified. Still early days, but at least we now have some foundation to work from.
  4. don't know how to post tweet, by this is hilarious. If Coutinho wins the Champions League with Bayern Munich, Barcelona will have to pay €5m to Liverpool. You read that right.
  5. Think Lampard made hard task for him next season. We basically don't have any system, not many players cemented in the team, everything under question. And it after year in charge. To be honest, its a joke, how we have two groups of players of completely different systems - Conte and Sarri ones. And it looks like Frank and Jody tryed to create some Frankenstein entire season.
  6. Serious questions should be ask to recruit team. It's third time we sign spanish player for big money, who had low mentality. He looks exactly the same after conceding goals as Morata, Torres after missing there chances - broken and near crying. They just can't cope with mistakes, throw them out of head and concentrate on the present. Even then they do good, they still look like - am not done enough to compensate past.
  7. Matt Law @Matt_Law_DT As per reports from France, I'm told David Luiz refused to train with Chelsea today and wants to move to Arsenal. I don't think Arsenal have made a formal bid yet
  8. We didn't progress lately. Main reason, as i see it, because of the good results. So players rather adapt to Sarri tactics than transform, and because of good results Sarri allowed them to play like this, not pushing them. We play from the back, but too slow and not benefit from it much. We press, but rarely win the ball in dangerous situations, and we move ball fast, but again with very carefull approach, so it didn't lead to anything. All this need to change, hopefully Sarri find out how to do it, current football will bring more upsets.
  9. really want to step up for Luiz. He was superb today. Yes he made mistake that cost us. But, just compare last game and this - Luiz and Rudiger is our strongest force. This system demands a lot from CB, we are lucky to have both Luiz and Rudiger.
  10. Worst Chelsea this season against, probably, one of the best United, 2-2 fair result. Should never be early kick off after int. break.
  11. He brings a lot of luck and confident on the ball, it's a good start.
  12. Not a fan of him. But he made it clear, that he wants to leave long before. Club management is at fault for me.
  13. disappointed, think he could be very useful. Can play on the right as well. Not understand the connection with Jorginho, mentioned by some reporters, different types and also Sarri talked about midfielder issue after Jorginho arrive. Hope for someone else, but with our policy cant get exciting.
  14. Fabregas and Pedro could be key to the upcoming season. They know this football pretty well and looks like enjoy it very much.
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