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  1. Nah, it's not 100% guaranteed, but there is a very high chance Mendy would have saved that shot. I've watched the goal over and over. Kepa's arms are too short to reach for the ball (even though he has a weird way of quick stepping before jumping). Mendy would have definitely made contact with it. WC keepers would have gotten their hand to it. Neuer would have saved it. Ederson would have saved it. As for "well let's wait and see if Mendy really does concede long range" - it's going to be a rare occasion because players see how tall Mendy is and how good the player is and would not d
  2. I want this week to end already. 3 games, 3 losses with 2 of them were finals.
  3. He gets beaten from long range EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.
  4. We lost against Arsenal with our old kit so it's not the new kits (yet anyway)
  5. This is getting embarrassing. I thought the women's will show the men how it's done but they are choking just like the men this week.
  6. Big game tonight! 40 minutes 'til kick off!
  7. They are celebrating because they can taste CL place after a terrible season they had. We are literally one slip away from handing our spot to Liverpool. Anymore dropped points, bye bye top 4.
  8. I do NOT want to see Kepa play for the rest of the season. If I see him in the starting XI one more time, I'll lose faith in TT. The season will be done as well. End the Kepa redemption plan now. It cost us TWO big games.
  9. Feck a draw. Leicester has already taken 3 points from us, taken the FA Cup and sacked Lampard (not that I was against the latter). Must win at all costs.
  10. This squad cannot lose to Leicester three times in one season. Gosh, if that’s true Leicester has taken something from us each game: Leicester 2-0 Chelsea - Lampard and the board agree to part ways after FA Cup game. Chelsea 0-1 Leicester - Lost the FA Cup Chelsea - Leicester - Maybe lose top 4.
  11. Also the Xhaka free kick was just outside the box and right in the top corner. You cannot compare that.
  12. How was I? Never did I say I didn't want trophies. That would be a stupid thing to say. I want us to be Champions of Europe and Champions of England. If we can't get those, then top 4 is a priority so we have a chance of reaching the CL final (hence like NOW). The FA Cup only gives you a ticket for EL and Community Shield. While it's great to have the FA Cup, it's not as important as the other objectives. I know I had mentioned that I'd rather lose today if we go on to win the CL AND get top 4. I am obviously disappointed about us losing the cup final, and I did mention this defea
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