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  1. But getting 6 or 7 clear chances means feck all if there was no one to convert those chances in to goals.
  2. People here were banging on he's the next prime hybrid Fabregas/Lampard. He's nowhere near. People can use their xT, xG, xP, xA all they like, I see through my eyes and what I see is Mount is a player that Chelsea fans protect and defend because he's "one of our own". Ziyech, Werner, Pulisic doesn't get so much love compared to Mount and they have also been average/poor at best, so "one of our own" is a very valid reason. Mount has showed little to no progression for me so far. This season he HAS to improve. I want more assists and goals. An upward trajectory. He has Lukaku now, beco
  3. I'm glad Lukaku hit the ground running. Who needs Haaland? Hahahahaha! Yes I know I wanted Haaland but Lukaku is healing those wounds very quickly...
  4. Shut out Son and an unhappy Kane and we'll be fine defensive wise.
  5. I wonder if Barkley is in future TT plans. Maybe for the League Cup competition.
  6. Other than 1 or 2 problems I still have with some of the players, it feels great not to moan and be angry for weeks.
  7. It's his first game. He needs time to settle in the PL.
  8. FFS why does Chelsea keep getting Torres-like players? Morata, Higuain (when we got him) and Werner. It's like Torres is their father.
  9. I still think we are a Lukaku-injury away from trouble up front. But as long Havertz and Ziyech continues to find the net consistently we can be ok. This transfer window has been kind of average. Still have Drinkwater and Baka as Chelsea players and only bought in Lukaku. And Lukaku wasn't even our first choice. No Kounde either. Lukaku isn't enough for me to be title challengers. I know we are playing well and the media is hyping us up to win it, but like I said - we are an CF injury away from trouble up front. I don't trust Mount, Werner, Alonso, James, CHO and Pulisic to
  10. And people want Alonso back as our main. Lol.
  11. Nah. Even under Wenger in the later years it wasn't as bad as this. EDIT: 5-0.
  12. It's 100% true at one point for 10 minutes. But it's more or less the same since that point. Very rare of Arsenal having the ball. It's literally ALL City.
  13. 97% possession for City. NINETY-SEVEN. Like...how???
  14. OMG Arsenal...I feel SO embarrassed for them.\ (Arteta in though)
  15. That's partly because we never faced Real Madrid in 2 decades, and the time that we FINALLY did he was in Juventus. But that could sadly change now.
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