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  1. We are not coached by Lampard anymore. Didn't our Anfield victory give you some confidence? Have a lil' faith man.
  2. Leicester won yesterday so not exactly.
  3. Ehhhhh, I'm sorry but I have to disagree on this here. Lampard did not do brilliantly. Yes we lost Hazard and we were not able to buy players, but you think if someone like TT was appointed last season, they'll do worse than Lampard or something? You're giving Lampard way too much credit here. Last season was completely shambolic, except we got 4th place. The stats and shocking results do not lie. Think about it, how can the worst Chelsea coach under the Roman era, did a superb job?
  4. I know under Conte and Sarri our defence was shaky, but Lampard had destroyed any hope of our defence, this is an actual fact considering last season was our worst season of conceding goals since 1990. And under him this season, the defence was more or less the same. So it's still in our heads that 1-0 ain't good enough. But this was at Anfield, not Craven Cottage. We scored, we completely shut down their attack AT ANFIELD, a ground we haven't won since 2014! It was breathtaking. We have to trust TT now. 10 games, 2 conceded - with Spuds, United, Atletico and Liverpool in that statistic.
  5. That Southampton game was terribad. But the fact that Tuchel is still pissed from that result showed that he cares about our performances. This Liverpool result is one BIG way to get the doubters on your side. Because most of us thought Liverpool will end their losing run. Yesterday is our second big result of the PL season. Both big results came under TT. Upwards and onwards.
  6. I have never seen Chelsea so confident at the back against a side who has dangerous attacking players. You have to give credit to TT for that.
  7. Best PL result of the season (so far). Finally, beaten this lot after 6-7 years of hurt at Anfield.
  8. I'm still pissed about the disallowed goal. I like VAR, but scrap that crap until we have proper refs.
  9. MANE THAT DIVING ASS. Luckily the ref wasn't interested
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