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  1. Morata This is why I hated this guy when he was here. The worst striker I have ever seen.
  2. It’s not coming home. TWO holding midfielders against Scotland. Downgate is the English Arteta. That’s two woeful performances from England.
  3. Here's the thing: Foden was one of the top players who helped City win the league. Remember this is PL Young Player of the Year award, as mentioned already this does not count for other competitions such as CL. Reality is Chelsea scrapped 4th on the final day (losing the game as well) and 10+ points behind City. Foden scored more goals and had 1 less assist than Mount. Foden deserves the award over Mount.
  4. Mana


    Nah, now that I remembered it's definitely Conte (or something else happened behind the scenes but less likely). Costa actually left the country instead of playing for our club. If he liked Conte and Chelsea he wouldn't had done that.
  5. Mana


    I beg to differ. Costa wore a Chelsea shirt a couple of weeks ago supporting us for the CL final. If he hated the club he wouldn't had done that. But I'll wait until Costa confirms that Conte was right.
  6. I still think this current squad will fight for 4th place until around the final day next season. We lack that ruthlessness in front of goal and that is critical. Champions of Europe we are yes, but if we are thinking about challenging the league - you're having a laugh because there will be at least three handful of games that we will bang our heads against the wall because Werner or Mount scuffs it or Ziyech goes missing or Pulisic gets injured etc. Unless these players majorly improve especially Mount, Ziyech, Havertz and Werner, I can't see us challenging next season.
  7. We need a clinical striker. We create so many chances last season and 90% of those chances are wasted because of what happens in front of goal. I'm slightly worried that if Haaland's going to be that striker for us IF he joins us. We all thought Werner will be clinical but look how that turned out...
  8. Romano is one of my favourite/top journalists out there. You're right, he hasn't said a peep. So unless he says something (and it's positive), this Haaland deal ain't happening.
  9. You don't but Dortmund are in a very strong position with this player. Unless we are paying stupid amounts of money for him like £150m and give Haaland a huge wage bill, it's not going to happen.
  10. I know England is expected to qualify in the group, but this ain't no easy group like the previous World Cup... Croatia beat us in the semis, Scotland are big rivals with John McGinn, Andy Robinson and Kieran Tierney and Czech has one of West Ham's star players - Souček. England should be expected to qualify, but they cannot turn a blind eye and just "turn up" for any of these games.
  11. Martinez has convinced him to move to Villa instead of Arsenal. Martinez is also an ex-Arsenal player so he knows Arsenal well and probably told Buendai it will be a mistake.
  12. Don't get your expectations up just yet...still got a long way to go here.
  13. Sooooo Spuds to hold on to Ryan Mason?
  14. Turned our season around and made us Champions of Europe. Something I thought I’ll never see again in decades. Of course.
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