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  1. i really hope he recovers in time, fuck City
  2. its so fucking obvious this cunt is corrupt, fucking joke of a league
  3. if i ever see this bellend in person i will crack his skull open, piece of shit ref
  4. Get the fuck in , many congrats to Tuchel and the lads for reaching the CL final. I’m over the moon right now
  5. Goodluck to the lads, i hope they give it their all and can qualify for the final, whatever happens, happens, the fact that we already won this cup after many dissapointments in the past it makes me have less expectations than before. I’m very proud of this team and what they achieved so far. Cheers and KTBFFH
  6. that cunt Anthony Taylor will ref our game against City, fml
  7. Many congrats to Conte and Inter, im delighted for him
  8. no more of that shit pls, my heart will not stand for that bs
  9. Man, that Barca team as great as they were back then we had their number, they were there for the taking, i remember Drogba missing big chances in both legs that would have sent us trough, both great saves from Valdes, but Drogba should have done much better, despite the Ovrebo shithousery at the Bridge. In the end that magical 2012 run and Drogba going berserk made up for all the heartbreaks we had in this competition until that point. note: that clip where Ballack is running and shouting at Ovrebo, how i wish he had tackled that crooked ref to the ground and kicked him.
  10. every time i hear about the away goal rule i keep getting flashbacks of that Iniesta goal in 2009, fuck Ovrebo, i will never forgive him and UEFA for that scandal
  11. many congrats to Emma and the girls, history makers, now go and win the cup. KTBFFH
  12. i fully expect Real to resort to all kinds of dirty tricks against us, starting with that cunt Ramos, we definitely should have won in the 1st leg, but now let’s see how we deal with them on Wednesday. Cheers and goodluck lads
  13. saw this in reddit lol https://www.reddit.com/r/chelseafc/comments/mzwa7p/i_guess_not_all_snakes_can_slither/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  14. go Villa, help send these fuckers and fat Sam down
  15. fuck that bald cunt Taylor, i just want to crack his skull open
  16. This tie will be very interesting, let’s see how we cope with Real, also Eden coming back to the Bridge will be great, i miss that belgian fucker
  17. i feel if they had Mou in charge maybe they could have sneaked a victory here, but shit happens. Levy is a proper cunt for sacking Mou before this final.
  18. we just had to gift Spurs that league cup in 2008, and 2 FA cups to Arse in 2017 and 2020, typical us.
  19. as it stands we have 0 margin for error until the last game of the season, that loss against West Brom is becoming more painful by the min, but in reality our fuck ups in the 1st half of the season is hurting us.
  20. if we get trough we will see who we get, be it Pool or Madrid.
  21. of course not, but we are not in the semis yet, let’s be humbe at least
  22. you do realize there is still a 2nd leg to be played?
  23. lets see how the team reacts after yesterday’s loss, im not getting my hopes up too high thats for sure, its not good for my stress levels.
  24. i just need to vent mate, this is all bs
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