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  1. This game is another example of why Kante is our most important and impactful player.
  2. I've heard it all now, wow. Jorginho winning the UEFA Player of the Year got fans gassed to the point where they forgot Kante's 4 MOTM performances in a row, in the UCL. I never thought I'd talk to a Chelsea fan about why Kante is more important than Jorginho for our team, I'm a bit shocked to be honest.
  3. Jorginho starts more games than Kante, because of Tuchel managing Kante's fitness. Jorginho can start more games without him suffering an injury compared to Kante. Tuchel stated many times that Kante is the heartbeat of this team, and if you really think that Jorginho is more important for our system then you're mad. The gegenpressing system we play is literally made for Kante, no matter who we play against whether it be a lowblock team or a high pressing team. Either Kante makes us win the ball back or he ensures that we do not lose the ball at all.
  4. I'm talking about in the most important games. Kante is the first name on the teamsheet when he's fit. I was the one demanding that we sign a midfielder so that we can rotate, trust me you don't have to explain that to me lol.
  5. Fans thinking that he's going to be a 4th choice squad player are in for a rude awakening. Only Kante is a guaranteed starter the other spot is there to be won by Saul, Kovacic and Jorginho. If Tuchel can elevate Saul the way he elevated Christensen, Rudiger, Azpi etc then Saul may well start alongside Kante. I'm curious to see how he plays in our system as opposed to anti-football Simeone style.
  6. Lets goooooo, this is exactly what we needed. I'm happy with this window with the amount of deadwood that we sold and the two vital positions that we covered. Kounde is not even a necessity, this window is done and dusted for me.
  7. His main priority was a striker. Doesn't mean that we didn't have other priorities. I don't care about Kounde, because we have the best defence in Europe, we have 5 very good defenders. However we only have three midfielders when we play a pivot in our system. If one of Jorginho, Kante or Kovacic get injured then we're not able to rotate games. Look at the video I posted in the previous page. Tuchel literally says that the priority after Lukaku is getting a midfielder, considering Gilmour left. Just because we're European Champs we should get carried away, we were very lucky wi
  8. If thats the case then I consider it complete disrespect for a man that has won the CL. The least you can do is give what he's asking for, especially when we've got over 150m+ in player sales and CL winning prize money. There's no excuses.
  9. I agree, I'm just going off of every 'reliable' source. I'm just repeating what the likes of Romano, Matt Law, Simon Johnson have been reporting. If what they say is wrong information then there's no problem basically.
  10. Personal terms with Saul has been agreed as per every reliable source. The reason we didn't sign him is literally because the board don't trust Tuchels judgement IF the reports from Matt Law, Fabrizio Romano etc are to be trusted. We agreed personal terms, fee as well it's just that Chelsea want to have an option to buy incase he flops instead of committing to the transfer. Which means that they don't trust Tuchels judgement bro, why not commit to the transfer that Tuchels asking for?
  11. Saul, and Chelsea for some reason want an option to buy instead of obligation. Which make me think that they don't trust Tuchels judgement on the players he wants. If Tuchel wants Saul then why can't we just agree on the fact that its an obligation to pay next summer? The fee between Atleti and Chelsea has been agreed btw, there's just a conflict about it being a loan with option or loan with obligation to buy.
  12. Tuchel said that he wants a midfielder this summer. Look at this video. He's being let down by the board.
  13. He can go and literally fuck himself. If we pay his release clause then that sends a bad message to the future clubs we'll do business with. We just need to focus on other targets, Tchouameni and Kamara/Tapsoba/Lacroix for example.
  14. Tuchel wanted Saul over Tchouameni, so why are we focusing on a loan with option instead of obligation to buy. If Tuchel wants a player the board should back him. With the Kounde situation, I understand because it's basically Sevilla who went back on an agreement, and from Marinas perspective I understand her stance on the deal. The fact that we backed out of the Saul deal just baffles me to be honest.
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