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  1. Even if our players all hit form, we still need a classic number 9 and a DM. Most of us are disappointed with the lack of activity, especially after winning the CL. Now is the moment to strengthen our squad.
  2. I'm not saying that if Billy stayed that we would not have needed a DM, we were still linked with midfielders last summer and in January too. With all due respect Gallagher is average and not on our level. You're under the impression that we are fine with three midfielders but in a full season, with Club World Cup coming up, we need the luxury to be able to rotate. We only have Kante that's a ball winning midfielder, we need someone with the same skillset as a back up. The reason why Billy didn't get game time is because it's a huge stepdown to use him instead of Jorgi, Kova or Kante, we
  3. No one is fine with us just signing Haaland this summer, we need a midfielder especially after Gilmour went on loan.
  4. Is 1 month enough for all the fringe players to be sold and all our targets to be signed? It looks like we're not doing anything this month, I expect us to really push next week. If by the end of next week there's no progress then this board are about to fuck Tuchel over. Fuming at the fact that Man UTD are signing all these players while we're almost doing nothing.
  5. Conte wanted Van Dijk and Lukaku, and Chelsea were not ready to splash to cash for both. The reasons why is because they found Van Dijk way too expensive, and Lukaku was a former player + he was more expensive than Morata. They shouldn't ask questions but back the manager that won you things in my opinion. Where did I say that I want us to sign that shit Stuttgart striker? These are your words, and not mine. I'm getting worried because we haven't submitted a bid for Rice, Tchouameni, Haaland, a CB etc. Not only that, but we're not even able to offload the likes of Emerson, Barkley, Bakayo
  6. Will our board seriously do Tuchel dirty, like they did Conte? Why are they not willing to go for players after winning major titles? Weird bunch, the fact that they've been this silent is worrying me to be honest. It's not just the players that we should buy that I'm worried about but the fact that we still have to sell Zappacosta, Bakayoko, Emerson, Drinkwater, Barkley etc is mindboggling. Marina is fucking things up by being to stingy in my opinion.
  7. Bakayoko and Tchouameni are very different first of all. Tchouameni has better dribbling, passing and awareness overall. Tchouameni is better than Camavinga in every aspect of football currently except for dribbling, that's the only thing that Camavinga has over him. That's why I'm saying that he's much better than him. However Camavinga is younger and will improve 100%, but we do not need another kid to come to our club.
  8. I watched at least 5 Monaco games, because Ligue 1 is free on my TV. Saying that he's similar to Bakayoko is very predictable and lazy to be honest no offense. Before we continue to debate whether he's better or not, have you honestly watched him play?
  9. Livramento leaving would be, because we're short of wingback backups. Especially after Emerson leaves, but do we really need Bate?
  10. Camavinga in my opinion is extremely overhyped. Tchouameni is miles better. However we have to keep in mind that he's 18 years old and could change in the future. He's just not ready for a big step up.
  11. We should buy Tchouameni who's better, younger and way cheaper than him.
  12. Let's hope that they're working on other deals, because if they're not then they've wasted a chance to strengthen after we've won the CL. Keeping Tammy and not signing a striker could put us out of the title challenge entirely. People forget how problematic our attack is.
  13. Having a net debt means the money you have after all debt is paid off. Which means they can only spend 46 million euros this summer right? I thought they were in a much worse position to be honest. Do you reckon they can both sign Mbappe and Haaland next season? They will 100% sign Mbappe, not sure about Haaland though.
  14. Aren't they in a financial crisis? Why do you think Ramos left? They couldn't offer him high wages anymore. Perez wanted the Super League the most, because he knows how fucked Real is financially.
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