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  1. It will be interesting to see how we bounce back from being a goal behind. Ziyech has to come off at HT for Havertz.
  2. Ziyech is currently ruining our attacks. He might score out of nowhere though, but what he's showing right now is not good enough. Off the ball he's useless, can't press to save his life.
  3. If we win the CL and FA Cup, then Kante deserves to win the Ballon d'Or. Yes, I said it.
  4. Fair play I expected Real to be much better than they were. However, Liverpool this season is still a worse side in my opinion. I'm convinced that we would've absolutely destroyed Liverpool, especially after we've seen what Real did to them.
  5. Why do make it seem like it's not Tuchels system and style of play that creates the chances for Timo? His "amazing" movement is a myth, dare I say his runs today were abysmal. Whenever we play without Werner we still create opportunities, and we score more often than not. Blindly supporting Werner doesn't make you a better fan but deluded. He's been fucking shite, and is becoming a liability in our hunt for the CL. Do you know how close we are to winning this thing? I back our chances against PSG/City and to think that this individual can cost us this trophy....is sickening.
  6. I'm not going to lie @Jason, but you sound like you support Werner FC instead of Chelsea FC. The fact that you're still making excuses for this guy after he's missed a chance that might result in us going out of the Champions League is mindboggling. He literally missed a clear cut chance that an 11 year old would score. Not only that but he had other chances to score. What happens if Real Madrid kick us out? Will you still back him over other players?
  7. Is that your opinion on what should happen or what you think Tuchel will do?
  8. People who were slating me for wanting Pulisic to start over this clown, what do you have to say now? There's no more defending Timo, he might've cost us a CL Final.
  9. Our players are soft in terms of not making noise when we should get a penalty. If that was Christensen pushing Vinicius the way Carvajal did then all of Madrid's players would surround the ref. I don't understand why no one was contesting that decision.
  10. I'm officially done with him. I wouldn't mind if he left in the summer.
  11. Tuchel bottled this by starting Werner.
  12. His runs were shit, wtf is wrong with Chelsea fans nowadays? Has the standards dropped so much? He's useless, and is literally costing us this game. Why do think Pulisic and Kante both waited a long time before passing to him? It's because they were waiting for him to make a proper run.
  13. Dutch analysts (Kuyt etc.) are absolutely digging into Werner, saying that he is the sole reason why the game hasn't been decided. They added by saying that with Giroud, Havertz or Ziyech the game would've been over by now. I fully agree with them. I mean, how many times are we giving this guy a chance?
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