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  1. Tuchel showing incredible inferior mentality by making defensive subs. Now we give Liverpool all the freedom to attack, when we could've went for more goals.
  2. All Kante needed to do is pass to Werner and he can't even do that ffs
  3. Ziyech adds nothing to this team, awful awful peformance. Kante is toothless as well.
  4. We only have 1 forward though. We'll see Timo being isolated up front, I guarantee you. Mount and Ziyech are both midfielders playing in progressive roles, which means that we'll see them doing defensive work way too much instead of staying up front. Furthermore, Kante and Jorginho are both midfielders that have zero contribution in attack. On top of that, both of our wingbacks are natural fullbacks. You can't tell me that Chilwell and James are good enough to be wingbacks. It's like we're playing 5 defenders, two defensive-minded central midfielders, two roaming 10's that don't aren't n
  5. It doesn't make sense to me. Kovacic on the bench is baffling as well. I want to see who will bring the ball forward and break Liverpools press.
  6. It looks like we're parking the bus.
  7. No one seems to be talking about Mount being fouled by Mctominay for the free kick given to United which led to the pen incident.
  8. The game ended when Tuchel took Giroud off for Pulisic. Instead of taking Ziyech off earlier.
  9. I've watched him a lot at Ajax and he looks like a completely different player. He offers nothing at the moment, on and off the ball he is a liability.
  10. I truly believe that if Ziyech and Kante are subbed off then our game changes. Props to Ole who was smart enough to use the pressing tactic.
  11. He's been incredibly awful and a major liability, he has to be subbed off at half time.
  12. Ziyech and Kante to be subbed on for Havertz/Werner and Jorginho
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