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  1. I want someone to ask some serious questions to Tuchel, one’s we all want to say not the monotonous ones the journalists recycle time and time again… why do we resort to cross and hoping again and again? why do we gift points to struggling teams? why is their a fear to play incisive forward passes? - just sideways continually It’s the same problems every goddam fucking season - there is a disease within the mentaility of these players. New owners need to pull out the weeds from root and stem.
  2. Worst Man U team in years, confidence shot. But we always know how to show up to Old Trafford don’t we? Just get a nosebleed whenever we need to be clinical or progressive
  3. Sarr’s positioning is honestly Sunday league level
  4. World champions eh? Can hardly string a pass together up top
  5. Every December we are inflicted with a curse...
  6. Another year, the same festive Chelsea curse. Suppose let day 1 commence…
  7. Hudson-Odoi is a wuss - always afraid to beat his man
  8. Thiago Silva for me is my MOTM - Ruben had good drives forward but Mr Silva just oozes class for the whole 90 minutes
  9. We need a fabregas type player. Too many similar no.10 type players who can’t pick nice passes consistently. Players play it too safe. Our obsession with retaining possession rather than playing first time balls, risky balls is slowing down every aspect of our play. We have players like havertz and ziyech dropping deep to do diddly squat and expect players like alonso and azpi to act like wingers to occupy the spaces they left. Fair to say I am a little worried for Saturday now.
  10. I think tuchel is throwing on the outcasts as a statement
  11. Kovacic is trying his hardest to give a 1/10 performance
  12. I admire chiesa as a player but he pulled out his best drama performance with that dive
  13. How Jorginho could be considered in the same bracket as lewandowski for a Ballon D’or is ridiculous
  14. Still sucking on orange slices in the dressing room by the looks of it
  15. Funny how pundits push out pieces or commentary on “how to stop lukaku” or “why he is so good back to goal” blah blah but guess what, why bother when we never play him the ball in these areas to prove this…
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