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  1. Did you see our line-up yesterday? What did you expect?
  2. I'm saying Kante should've came on at half time atleast.
  3. When you win the midfield battle early on it's a huge morale boost, and Kante would've helped massively in that. The ball wasn't going past our midfield for 90% of the game so we needed to fix that first in order to create opportunities up front. When Tuchel said our counterpressing wasn't good that strenghtens my point, which you weirdly enough are trying to use against me. If our counterpressing was bad and thats what he took out of the game, who would've helped with that? Seriously...man I agree our attack was bad, but the midfield could've done much more in my opinion. The fact that Z
  4. We couldn't even get the ball past the midfield for 90% of the game bro.
  5. It's not a theory, it's a fact. It's a fact that Kante would've helped the midfield press Brighton and do us a lot defensively. However, this is a clear case of Chelsea fans underestimating the importance of Kante who's able to win the midfield battles. We couldn't get the ball past the midfield for most of the game, and that was the biggest reason why we couldn't create chances. Our chances of being effective offensively and winning the game, would've been much better then keeping Mount in a position where he's not effective whatsoever.
  6. Don't people understand that: Winning the midfield battle = Getting more opportunities offensively This is football 101
  7. Do you know how gegenpressing works? Recovering balls is key in creating chances especially high up the pitch. Kante would've been key in us pressing Brighton high up the field and them pushing back which would've created more opportunities in transition.
  8. Bring Kante on, the fact you're not even mentioning that, shows that you don't know the importance of his presence.
  9. Why didn't he bring Kante on? Unbelievable and shocking decision making from Tuchel.
  10. We had zero clear cut chances, this had nothing to do with luck. I'm 10000% sure we would've beaten them if Kante played. Tuchel had a horrible game, by far his worst. It was clear as day Mount, and Jorginho were bullied in midfield and he was needed.
  11. Can't believe we've bottled like this.....this is unbelievable.
  12. What could he do? You're a joke mate.
  13. Bruv if you're not fuming right now, then you don't know the consequences to this performance. Instead of insulting me, get real "bud".
  14. Tuchel was an idiot today, how can you keep Kante on the bench when we needed to win the midfield battle?! It was clear we needed him ffs!!! Top four race is going to be extremely hard now
  15. He's benching Kante!!!!! He has 50% of the blame.
  16. Bunch of fucking bottlers, don't deserve to wear the badge
  17. The fact that Tuchel hasn't brought on Kante is beyond me. It's like he does not give a flying fuck.
  18. Ziyech is abnormally shit, yet he's still there and not being subbed. WTF Tuchel?
  19. Omg Ziyech... one of the worst performances from a Chelsea player in a longgg time.
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