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  1. This bloke needs to realize every time he or his client opens their mouths a PR disaster awaits.
  2. A few months or so ago, it was the same with us.
  3. zakhov


    Daft twat. Great player and all on his day (not enough of them I reckon) but childish and petulant behaviour on this account.
  4. Apart from the cross, he's partially to blame for the two goals. As Wisey pointed out for the first goal we conceded, he showed no interest in tracking back to help out defense. And for Southampton's second, he showed no interest in putting a challenge at the far post.
  5. He'll probably ask for Willian in return somehow.
  6. Dare I say he's probably the most consistent world class player that we have?
  7. Gutted. Always thought he was the ideal assistant manager (former player, skipper and a fan), was let go unfairly by the club in 2010-2011 but to his credit was never bitter and handled it with class.
  8. Probably needs another loan. Lack of common sense and forever makes the wrong decisions. Even if he had an assist today, it was mostly down to Lloris.
  9. That's his character and that's why there's hope for the seasons to come. But defense is an utter mess right now, no leadership and no commitment. Midfield is fine as long as someone competent is next to Kante. Alli's 2nd goal is a prime example. JT (and perhaps Cahill for all his faults) would be throwing themselves to stop that. And of course, Conte just keeps playing Moses as a joke to the board.
  10. We can count our lucky stars we have someone like him on the team. Never lack of effort and always puts tremendous amount of shift (especially when Cesc is around).
  11. I'd rather see Luiz straight back in if he's recovered. I think after Christensen it has to be either Luiz or it might as well be Ampadu. Cahill is Cahill and I'm not entirely convinced by Rudiger playing in the center.
  12. What bothers me the most is how poor Azpi and easily exposed was. I expect that shit from Cahill but not from Dave.
  13. In all seriousness he's out of form and he's detrimental to the team's performance. We can't keep playing him and expect him to get better.
  14. He should play away from matches.
  15. That's a bit unfair, but I think the people down south in America also suffer from the same sort of stereotype.
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