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  1. I think sometimes he sounds arrogant trying to compensate his insecurity. He probably could do a good job on an environment where he feels that people likes him. Players know what the perception of fans about them. The negativity towards him in general is always present. If i was his coach i would never put him down. I would convince him that he can bulldoze anyone.
  2. Its probably true because Espn Brazil is very reliable and the journalist is friend of Neymar senior, and Messi said in the end of last transfer window that Bartomeu was not doing enough to sign Neymar. Also, i'm telling you what the journalist said. Its a guy from Espn, specialist in transfers and have a channel with more than 1 million subs. Its not my info.
  3. Messi called Neymar last week and told him that he is going to City, and asked Neymar to make an effort to go there too in 2021. Someone from Neymar family told this history to Jorge Nicola, journo of Espn Brazil.
  4. Is not a very strong team and have no players with individual weight and hierarchy, appart Kante. Man City, Liverpool and United are going to line up much better teams imo.
  5. The goalkeeper Ivan(23) of the brazilian olimpic team is very good. He still cheap and could be a option. Apparently linked with some european clubs, but i dont know if its true.
  6. Bruno Guimarães for $20 mi would have been a very good deal. Dont know why no EPL club was linked. He looks made for the Premier League.
  7. Inter Milan wants to use Gabriel Barbosa to get Alonso and Giroud.
  8. He scores a lot. but he loses a lot of goals too. The reason why he is not a player for the highest level, imo, is this: he needs the ball always to be in his left profile, or he has no confidence and dont know what to do. Its sad because he is really talented. They should have worked in his weakness in the U-17, but since he was scoring tons of goals, they sent him straight to professional team.
  9. I dont think he could be a rb now. My point is, in the past, that kind of player who has many winger characteristics, but can not score goals, would be a full back in Brazil.
  10. I didn't say he would be a rb. I said he would have been a BRAZILIAN rb.
  11. Would have been a legendary Brazilian RB in other times. But everybody want to be winger now.
  12. Sancho would be great. Also what that ninja emoji means?
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