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So, what do you do for living?

Started by termninja,

Hello friends.

On this forum we have so many different people with various backgrounds, I thought it would be interesting to find out what every one of us is doing for living at this moment? This is something I absolutely have no idea when it comes to TC members, it's not a topic often discussed so I find it worth being opened. It would also be interesting to share with us some funny stories from your job and some not so funny ones also.

I can start to break the ice.

I'm a computer programmer, though I could also be called a computer scientist as I have recently started working as a researches in the field of artificial inteligence and machine learning. My favorite languages are C++, Java and Python, though I had some funny relationships with PHP, JavaScript, Haskell, C and C#.

My studies were very difficult so I wasn't around in the last couple of years on the forum that much, but damn I missed this place.

It's funny to remember now that 7 years ago when I joined, I could barely write a program to sum 2 numbers while today I have experienced so much from the field of computer science that I find it rather shocking now. It is very nice to grow together with TalkChelsea during these years.

In my past, I've also worked in KFC in the kitchen, I also sold souvenirs to tourist and I must admit that these 2 jobs thought me much different yet extremely useful skills. They thought me how to get my hands really dirty and how to haggle to the extreme.

Currently I work as a Android programmer and faculty teaching assistant at Faculty of Mathematics in my country.

Your turn now, please tell us about yourselves! :)


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I need advice about moving in Canada
Now I live in Canada, Matheson. I want to move to Toronto. 
I have already found housing. Want to buy. But how to move and take all of the old house? I think maybe to take advantage of mmovers.ca service? What do you think?

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Am shit at learning because I forget easily so I struggle through my schooling no job but hustling to survive. I hope there will be something to help change memory failure to retain things I read or study in the future

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