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  3. The Conte Thread

    But he is right though........Inter is in such a huge mess you dont even know where to start. Now the Club seems like taking it way too slow and that is not Conte. He is a Winner, they must have made him promises which they are failng. He is a hot head yes but a winner.
  4. Reece James

  5. Mason Mount

    Interesting stats but Tammy Abraham scored more goals than Harry Kane in the championship the question is can mount do the same in the PL time will tell finger crossed he can do it
  6. Mason Mount

    Kovacic definitely is not fighting for number 10, he's a rotation option to Kante and Jorginho I'd put my house on that. Ruben won't be playing again till new year by all accounts so for the first half of the season it's Mount Vs Barkley and I think Mason will win out as his high pressing game is much superior to Barkley. Although that said Ross has very much responded to Mason's return with some strong performances in pre season so hopefully they push eachother. I'm not saying they are the same player but I am hoping Mount has a similar trajectory in his career after arriving in the PL.
  7. Chelsea lost to Kawasaki Frontale on Friday in a pre-season friendly. The result though, is unimportant. For me, I was more surprisingly excited by two players who could end up being hugely important for new head coach Frank Lampard, especially early doors this season. Mason Mount and Ross Barkley were our two liveliest attacking midfielders […]View the full article
  8. Mason Mount

    They are very different players tho. Mount is someone who roams in midfield and develops his attacking actions from late runs in the centre. Alli is more of a classic attacking midfielder who operates in the channels and makes early runs for crosses and diagonals to provide an aerial threat.
  9. Mason Mount

    I just wonder where in the pecking order he is. That 3rd midfield spot is our most packed and competitive position. Kante and Jorginho have to start in my eyes so that's Mount, Barkley, Kova, and RLC for one slot. Good problem to have, though. This is the best/most midfield depth we've had in ages. Just might be difficult to keep them all happy.
  10. Mason Mount

    Found this interesting. The year before Alli went to Spurs he scored 16 goals in 44 games playing in League One, Mason last year scored 11 in 44 playing a division higher. If Mount can have a similar impact to Alli's first season at sh*te Hart Lane (10 goals, 9 assists in the league and a further 2 assist's in Europe) that will come in very handy.
  11. The Conte Thread

    https://www.football-italia.net/141031/conte-perisic-not-suited-inter-role So two players he wanted us to get while here (who would have cost £100m combined roughly) he's now freezing out at Inter, yet we should have backed him a blank chequebook apparently https://www.football-italia.net/140988/conte-inter-need-start-selling Looks like the mask is slipping even earlier than usual this time, skipping the impressive title win and straight to the hostility.
  12. Frank Lampard

    I didn't know lamps rejected spurs when he was young fuck Tottenham
  13. The Board

    Plus dont forget how our tactics made us very easy to play against 90% of the time, or rather very easy to walk through our heart. With better tactics we would still finish above them, Bellerin or not.....on top of that we have no striker to call upon, they had/have 2 good ones.
  14. Abdul Rahman Baba

    5mil? I hope that's a loan fee. Did not we buy him for 20mil?
  15. Christian Pulisic

  16. Abdul Rahman Baba

    I rather sell Alonso than Baba I would have Rahman and Emerson fight for the left back position
  17. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Needs a change of scenery. Will be nothing but worse than Deadwood here. Mount, Barkley for Cam, Kante, jorginho, RLC and kova for CMs. Should be enough
  18. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Really heartbreaking preseason from him so far. Just seems so nervous out there.
  19. Kawasaki Frontale v Chelsea

    Exactly, although those two are not the names which have surprised me most. In my case I was particularly surprised to read of Frank 'opening the door' for Kennedy. A player who has never impressed me from the moment I first saw his YouTube videos. That said, your Victor Moses analogy is a good one. For Victor then, perhaps we can read Kennedy now. We'll see.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Kawasaki Frontale v Chelsea

    Whilst on the face of it some players getting chances this pre season would appear "unusable" for most of us fans, it makes complete sense for Lampard and his staff to make their own assessments on every player. He'll have his own ideas of what he wants to do this season and a player we may not expect may suit his requirements. I'm sure most people would have felt the same when they saw Moses back in Conte's first pre season and he then became a vital cog for a couple of years. Having said that I must admit I haven't seen anything from the likes of Drinkwater and Bakayoko that makes me think there might be a new example of Moses!
  22. Kawasaki Frontale v Chelsea

    I dont think you can honestly say 'pure struggling' after watching the match from last Saturday. I'll admit I didnt see Fridays match, but if you're saying that you only saw 'pure struggling' in 3 friendlies, I'm sorry but that just sounds like BS.
  23. General Transfer Talk

    Plenty of talk about Ajax overpaying for Marin. It will be interesting to see if he can play a significant part in filling the void left by de Jong.
  24. 7. N'Golo Kante

    A giant who happens to drive a mini. underrated player considering how much of a fucking nightmare must be to play against him. Wouldn’t wish that to anyone ... ok that last bit was a lie.
  25. 44. Ethan Ampadu

    Chelsea youngster Ethan Ampadu has undergone a medical ahead of a potential loan move to Bundesliga side RB Leipzig according to Sky in Germany. The 18-year-old has made one Premier League appearance for Chelsea and played in 11 further FA Cup, Carabao Cup and Europa League matches for the club. Frank Lampard said earlier in the week he wanted Ampadu to go out on loan to gain more first-team experience.
  26. Kawasaki Frontale v Chelsea

    This is true. I was disappointed to read some of the headline statements attributed to Frank about chances for some players but he has the right to judge things as he sees them. We'll just have to hope that he's right.
  27. Kawasaki Frontale v Chelsea

    I'd expect he already has his mind made up on some and those not in his plans will be marginalised when we get back from Japan. By then the main players will be needing to get more minutes into their legs anyway.
  28. Mason Mount

    Frank is starting to put the pieces together. "Mason's part of the first-team squad this year and it's time for him. His qualities will improve even more with the qualities around him." "Everyone knows the hopes I have for Mason and he showed today a glimmer early in pre-season of what we might see this year and going forward." https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/chelseas-plans-mason-mount-confirmed-18366345.amp
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