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Aston Villa 1-2 Chelsea

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Aston Villa vs Chelsea


2014/15 Premier League Matchweek 24
7th February, Saturday, 2015
Villa Park
15:00 Kick Off (UK time)

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MOTM is easy. Willian was outstanding. I have been super critical in recent weeks but well done to the lad he didn't stop all game and was brilliant. :dance:

Don't play Drog instead of Remy unless absolutely necessary, the guy is a legend but doesn't get an easy pass into the team, Remy and Zouma should have started from their form from the City game.

Nice to see you Cuadrado, gonna have to get used to that hair style! :rolleyes:

FURTHER CLEAR OF CITEH! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! :blue scalf: :blue scalf: :blue scalf: :blue scalf: :blue scalf: :blue scalf: :blue scalf:

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Match Ratings IMO:

Courtois - 5 - A few uncharacteristic wobbles from the big man. Hopefully he'll be a bit more solid under the high ball when bumped around by opponents because people will try it a lot now.

Ivanovic - 6 - Great finish for the goal, caught ball watching at the corner we conceded from. Typical Ivanovic display. No idea what to think about him sometimes...

Terry - 6 - Solid performance from CLL.

Cahill - 6 - Decent performance from Cahill. Made one good interception and didn't back off anywhere near as much as usual. Still prefer Zouma though.

Azpilicueta - 4 - Pretty poor performance from Dave today, hopefully picks himself up as he's been poor the last 2 games.

Matic - 7 - Typically great performance from him. Nothing gets past the Spider.

Ramires - 6 - Lots of running, lots of energy, solid display.

Hazard - 8 - Stunning finish for the goal. Great play around the pitch and so hard to get the ball off of.

Oscar - 2 - The only reason this isn't a 1 is because he didn't give away a penalty or score an own goal. Woeful performance. His passing stats would be a nightmare to look at.

Willian - 9 - Quite possibly his best performance in a Chelsea shirt. Great energy, great play and much, much better. Evidently taken the signing of Cuadrado personally.

Drogba - 3 - Poor from the Drog. No presence, poor passing, shouldn't be ahead of Remy ever again.

Remy (sub) - 6 - Was good after he came on, worked very well with Cuadrado which is a big positive.

Mikel (sub) - 4 - Poor passing towards the end but we've come to expect that from him.

Cuadrado (sub) - 5 - Didn't have much time but showed glimpses of greatness. Did more in 10mins than Oscar and Drogba did in a combined 130mins.

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Kompany: 'Chelsea's 5-point lead is no big deal'

How's a 7-point lead for you Kompany, you fat headed w**ker. Always keep your mind on your next game, arrogant bunch of twats!

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Villa just had to score. The whole match I kept saying this side can't score a goal, 11 goals in 23 matches.

Three points and City drop points, nothing else to say.

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That was a pretty lucky 3 points against the worst team in BPL. I'm tired of Jose always sitting back in the last 20 mins to defend a 1 goal lead. It only works if Chelsea are extremely lucky. We are best going forward, why not do that

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Screw the win and 3 points, where are all the people that insisted that it was impossible for Hull to get something from City??! :D :D

Lol I was 1,

But I'm laughing more at the people moaning about not being 8 points clear.

I was quite happy to still be 5 points clear after today...

Today was a bonus points day.

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