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  1. Gutted is not even the word. I have no motivation to do anything today. It will honestly be disgusting if the players looks world beaters next match.
  2. Idk how to embed tweets but sky have tweeted done deal for around 15m pounds.
  3. Here are high(er) res pics of info at the meeting. http://imgur.com/a/lpQDG
  4. Short interview about his time with the u21s and his Chelsea debut.
  5. Dy-lan


    His lone range passing has been UNREAL lately..a joy to watch. It's as if he's playing with a new found confidence. Hope it carries over to next year. If we add a true threat from the wing and let Willian prosper in the #10 role this side can step up another level.
  6. Love these lads! Gonna miss Pete and Drogba terribly! Championsssss! Keep the blue flag flying high!
  7. Dy-lan


    Weird how it took so long for this deal to get finalized/announced. At any rate, welcome and good luck to the lad..
  8. One win away !!! It's almost here! Great to see us fight back in the second half.
  9. If Madrid want to buy Pogba they will whether we buy Varane or not. What they would hypothetically do with the money we'd pay for Varane should be the least of our concerns.
  10. Massive win! I'm buzzing! Shout out to Mike Dean on that Herrera dive! Come on you Blues!!
  11. BUZZING! First trophy of the season AND City lose in the league! Amazing day for us! Terry and Drogba lifting the cup together
  12. Great game from young Kurt. I was keeping a very close eye on him vs Lukaku the whole match. Lukaku turned him or got away a couple times but besides that Zouma had him in his pocket. One thing I did notice that I found hilarious was that Lukaku wanted absolutely nothing to do with an arial duel with Zouma LOL (to be fair tho who would? ) and just conceded numerous long balls to big Kurt.
  13. If I can't watch a match live I'll just record it (still follow it on Twitter tho) and watch it as soon as I can, which is usually just a few hours after it finished. However I RARELY miss a match. I think this season I missed the two FA cup matches that were not televised and 1 CL match. I was in between travels for our first match this season, so I was watching it on my MacBook at an airport in New York City. Got some strange looks when I celebrated that beautiful Fabregas to Schurrle goal lol. My current girlfriend already knows any plans we make must revolve around Chelsea's schedule. Sh
  14. As others have said, it was a tough situation to make a debut. But for me I saw signs of his crazy pace and dribbling. He will be good for us.
  15. When the squad is celebrating but you realize what bae said last night doesn't add up
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