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  1. everybody is writing us off.. we'll beat them
  2. love costa but watching eden's personal highlight as a cf makes me wonder what it be like if we had a ball playing striker, some one like kunt_aguero, with pedro and hazard flanking him
  3. hazard will be fired up for this one. coyb!!
  4. people saying it wasn't a good performance makes me wonder if I watched a different game.. chelsea was fantastic, the intricate passing and movement, omg... at times I couldn't believe my eyes
  5. I see what you mean, but there will be times when we'll have to have the ball more than the opponent. Its all good when we score early like in the last two games. What if we couldn't do that or, even worse, what if we concede early? I believe we need to improve on our passing game and ball retention (thinking Diego and Pedro). I'm sure Conte wants better pressing to force mistake but we've never played that game. I guess it takes some getting used to.
  6. I wish we could improve on possession of the ball tbh
  7. it looks like we'll be having the toughest fixture among the big five .. we've got to take 3 pts from this one
  8. ---------------------Cortois -----------GC----------DL--------Dave Moses-------Kante--------Matic------M.Alonso -----------------------Eden -----------------Michy-------Costa
  9. isn't is a bit disrespectful to say he's Pep Guaradiola of Juventus? ... wish he'd replied "I'm Antonio Conte of Juventus"
  10. guys check this out, what do you think? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3674862/Premier-League-battle-bosses-Jose-Mourinho-Pep-Guardiola-Antonio-Conte-join-Jurgen-Klopp-season-rate-managers-ahead-new-campaign.html
  11. we need this guy. I hope it hapens
  12. good luck to him, hope he'll get rid of some of these overpaid bastards
  13. Oscar for Willian? wtf Gus? please Roman sack the board and, especially, that moron Emenalo tonight
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