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  1. The ridiculous thing is that I didn't even criticize the vaccine, yet my posts got deleted - what a disgrace.
  2. The world has lost its mind, absolute tyranny everywhere except the States (namely Florida / Texas) and Russia (only speaking specifically to covid)
  3. Fine, the movement of the ball was generally good and smoother. I am specifically speaking about the interplay going forward
  4. We must be watching different games. Again, better, but still very basic passing mostly backwards and sideways, until we get it to the wingers and they cross and pray. So many times we start to build up a good passing build up and someone inevitably literally stops the ball and passes it backwards or to the side. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this has been the story of the team since Lampard came in
  5. Better, but still so frustrating - we pass the ball so slow, backwards and sideways in attack build up. The only players looking to make quick one touch passing plays through the middle are RLC and Kovacic. Movement is poor
  6. Fine, but what we have now is not tactics. Sorry, but hoofing it up to him and hoping for the best is not something he should need to adapt to, it's the football of League 1 level. We clearly need to get better offensively including final third passing play and transition from defense to offense.
  7. I don't blame him thinking that, all we do is hoofball from rudiger to Lukaku, highly similar to what we did with Giroud... No chances or goals created from open play, only Jorginho PK or corner/cross Tuchel needs to change formation and figure out how we attack.
  8. Absolutely terrible - we haven't had a good game since September. Back to hoofball and crossball again, zero movement, zero play down the middle, just crossing at every opportunity. Formation change is needed plus new signings. Maybe need an offensive coach to come in
  9. Does anyone know or have insight into why this 2021 scarf features the 2012 squad? Will it be the current squad when it ships? https://www4.chelseamegastore.com/en/Chelsea-ucl-2021-champions-scarf-navy-adults/p-1280990758227616+z-945-1517865517?_ref=p-CLP:m-GRID:i-r0c1:po-1 Also - if there are nice scarves which ship to Canada safely, please do let me know! Appreciated.
  10. Once vaccines are available to every single person who wants one, every single thing should be open without restrictions. If you suffer because you didn't get a vaccine, it's not anyone's problem really.
  11. This game will be absolute shithousery from us, especially in attack, but hoping we can take our chances when they come
  12. Pulisic has to play; havertz cannot. Would like to see us go for the win and start CHO as RWB - both Azpi and James are subpar options right now
  13. Aside from his performance against CP, all he does is exactly what you would expect from an average player. He makes the easiest passes (usually backwards), loses the ball often, doesn't take on players, etc
  14. Have not seen anything special. Worried
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