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  1. I'd like to see Havertz start but don't think Tuchel will tinker with a winning formula that worked against Liverpool, although I think this game will be tougher to score
  2. Wow, look at all these high flying Americans and Brits getting their vaccine while here in Canada we're doing 50k a day!
  3. No kovacic? most surprising thing on the list
  4. I'd want Havertz to start but it would be on zero basis - he's gotten basically no time on the pitch and we're playing our most game of the season (so far)
  5. I'm going to be bold and predict that the front 3 will be pulisic mount and werner
  6. 99% chance Everton and Spurs win today so let's not bank on that; we need a win but a draw wouldn't be a disaster
  7. Every week is the biggest game of the season. This game really is the biggest game of the season... so far
  8. Don't think we'll have a single SOT in the first half
  9. Doubt CHO will start; would rather see Chillwell over Alonso. Worried about going with a back-3 as we have a non existent attack with only 3 attacking players... reminds me of the poor form days under Conte - except this time we don't have a hazard
  10. Don't get me wrong, I like Tuchel's style much over Lampard's even now. It's just still not where we should be at with attacking, but I understand that Havertz, Pulisic, Ziyech aren't playing. If you look at the teams remaining in CL and how they attack as a team, we still have a long way to go. All we need until summer is top 4, and then give Tuchel a full pre season and maybe a couple of signings to get a team attack going. I think if FL were still managing we'd be battling for 8th
  11. I don't really agree - it's been working but not working well. Our link up from mid to attack is still pretty bad - we also haven't really played any strong teams yet
  12. Soton is back to being terrible. Play Pulisic and Ziyech(?) and hope they rediscover form. Also I'd like to see 4231 but looks like we're going with 3 at the back until pre season
  13. These player-manager experiments are NOT working... Lampard, Pirlo, Arteta, Rooney... all failing. They need experience in lower leagues first. Gerrard is doing it right
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