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  1. Does anyone know or have insight into why this 2021 scarf features the 2012 squad? Will it be the current squad when it ships? https://www4.chelseamegastore.com/en/Chelsea-ucl-2021-champions-scarf-navy-adults/p-1280990758227616+z-945-1517865517?_ref=p-CLP:m-GRID:i-r0c1:po-1 Also - if there are nice scarves which ship to Canada safely, please do let me know! Appreciated.
  2. Once vaccines are available to every single person who wants one, every single thing should be open without restrictions. If you suffer because you didn't get a vaccine, it's not anyone's problem really.
  3. This game will be absolute shithousery from us, especially in attack, but hoping we can take our chances when they come
  4. Pulisic has to play; havertz cannot. Would like to see us go for the win and start CHO as RWB - both Azpi and James are subpar options right now
  5. Aside from his performance against CP, all he does is exactly what you would expect from an average player. He makes the easiest passes (usually backwards), loses the ball often, doesn't take on players, etc
  6. Have not seen anything special. Worried
  7. Does this matter anymore? Top 4 is fugazi now
  8. Sure, that's the mentality when you're at spurs level and ambition, not at CFC. Why bin him, he would still get tons of opportunity in the cups and weaker UCL group games, plus he would learn from someone better and more experienced. I don't expect Azpi to stay much longer either. Let's not make reference to last season which was an absolute shithousery at the end and kind of got lucky with LEI shitting the bed; it was a very low points total relative to other seasons.
  9. Don't think it's nonsense at all, he's not good enough at this moment if we're trying to get back into a top 4 european side.
  10. Don't see why people are rating him so highly. Seems to close his eyes and just cross anywhere when there's many better options. Rather than sending through forwards he stops and goes backwards or sends a cross to the GK. Shouldn't sell him, but definitely need an upgrade in RB in summer.
  11. Absolutely horrendous performance once again. Honestly, we should just buy their attack and it'll cost less than fraud havertz+ziyech
  12. Want to keep Havertz and Pulisic form after finally showing some quality against CP
  13. Same lineup as against CP except James for CHO for defensive stability and Kante for Kova bc of injury. FA cup not important given our position in UCL and the league; we were dreadful in the first leg and need to score first to seal it off
  14. OK: Mount, kovacic, mendy, pulisic Horrendous: entire back line, jorginho, werner, havertz, giroud
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