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  1. I hear he has a €24M release clause and I guess it will be Mourinho's word against Barcelona's word. As some of you have already said, next summer it will be decision time - if Courtois won't be granted a spot in the first team, I'm afraid that Barcelona will chose to match the release clause... You know, we are glad about his spell in Madrid and the fact he is the first choice there, and he has the chance to play in one of the best leagues in the world and win some domestic and european trophies, but unfortunately this might just turn against us at the end of this season and I would not be s
  2. A friend of mine living in Italy told me the italians are talking about Chelsea being in pole position to sign this guy. They say Chelsea are already in talks with Januzaj's representatives and they are the highest bidder so far. he also gave me a link related to this - http://www.tuttomercatoweb.com/serie-a/esclusiva-tmw-anche-il-milan-su-januzaj-ma-le-inglesi-sono-in-pole-492575
  3. Lewandowski: never played in England - speaks decent English Tevez: spent seven years in England - speaks Uruk-hai language "una emocion to big"
  4. Mediaset and Le10Sport reported it.
  5. Italian and French media reporting the same thing. Also Juventus seems to be interested in Kevin De Bruyne and some reports suggest he will be a priority for Juve in the next transfer window, alongside Sociedad's Griezmann. Now, if you ask me, I'd be glad to offer De Bruyne and, let's say, another €20M for Pogba. Since Kevin is valued at about €15M, I think another €20M would be a fair amount and a good piece of business for Juventus since Pogba joined them for free. I know De Bruyne is a talented lad with, probably, a great future ahead of him, but I just can't see him settle into this Chels
  6. Kovacic mate call the taxi so you can catch ROMULU hahah what a beast
  7. Just saw this hahahah Chelsea midfield maestro Ramires tops Real Madrid's wish list. CHELSEA midfielder Ramires is being targeted by Real Madrid this summer in a sensational £15m swoop according to reports. What is funny about this is that Nemanja Matic, the Chelsea reject, is now worth ~£40m and Ramires only valued at £15m... I'd love to watch Jose's reaction when reading this report haha
  8. I was reading some reports saying Barcelona are preparing a £12 million bid for Courtois... you know, this has to be an insult to both Chelsea Football Club and Thibaut Courtois and I'd love to see Mourinho playing his cards in the mercato just like he did with Arsenal this summer when they wanted Demba Ba. Tell them Courtois is for sale, negociate all summer long and call the deal off in the last hour of the mercato so they can be stuck with whoever their fucking 2nd coiche gk is.
  9. This is Sport's frontpage from today. They say Courtois knows about Barcelona's interest in him and he would like to go there. They refer to "presionara al Chelsea para venir" as "Courtois wants Chelsea to let him go to Barcelona". Also Barcelona has agreed terms with Gladbach for Ter Stegen, but Courtois is their main target. Fucking Sport haha.
  10. I've had the chance to watch Atletico Madrid's last games and, my God, what a great team Cholo Simeone has built there. One of Diego Costa, Diego Godin, Koke or Filipe MUST be on Mourinho's wishlist! What a terrific striker Diego Costa is, he is a tank, but a fast and technically gifted one and he can finish with both feet; aside from free-kick taking, he is the closest thing to Didier Drogba in the game right now in my opinion. Godin is a rock at the back, I really like this guy and his partner in defence, the LB Filipe, is also a great player. When Chelsea will be looking for a top class rep
  11. what for? Brasil against Korea Republic? and Zambia? I think Jose will stick to the same team he used against Steaua.
  12. I'm not even 10% surprised by the way he played last night because I know the type of player he is. I know him since his days in Mainz and this guy is full of talent and I'm sure he will grow here at Chelsea under Mourinho. For those of you watching Bundesliga closely, you would know until know that Bayer Leverkusen finished 3rd in Germany last season and is playing Champions League now because of two players - Schurrle and Kiessling. Andre was instrumental for Leverkusen in his spell there and I'm happy Jose gave him the chance to play in his natural position, the left wing. Great game last n
  13. Naaah, this is bullshit, he didn't storm out. Let me tell you what happened - Chelsea was represented at the press conference in Bucharest by Jose, Lamps and Chelsea's press officer. Jose had a normal behaviour, he was asked questions by both English and Romanian media and he answered them all. After some time, when Jose finished answering a question, Chelsea's press officer said something like: "Jose, please excuse me, we have to move to Frank Lampard for some quick questions because he has to do an interview for some television", and then Jose asked him: "It's ok, it is that all? do you need
  14. Something is going wrong in De Bruyne's head, he is underperforming and he was awful against Swindon. He was not just one of the worst players for Chelsea, but he was one of the worst players on the pitch! Knowing that this is a "WC season", I don't know what is wrong with this guy, he is a talented young lad, but he is a mess right now in terms of "mental strenght". He needs to be woken up, he needs to fight for his place, just like Mata does, and put a great performance when he is selected or else he'll end up just like Kakuta. Regarding this game, thank God there is a retractable roof on Na
  15. Chelsea should have payed the money for Falcao! He is a proven striker and he is the best striker in the world if you ask me. 72 goals in 87 games for Porto, 70 goals in 91 matches for Atleti and now he is seven goals in seven matches with Monaco. This is what you call a real striker. Falcao is a terrific player. he is a goal machine, converting chances with his bonce, his pegs, any legal part of his anatomy. Just watch his games in Monaco and you will be amazed. He plays for the team, he's a real example of how a guy considered to be a "gold digger" should play, his work rate is phenomenal, h
  16. yes, i know, they had a fantastic season in serie a, but i was only talking about that champions league group where they started with three draws out of three games and they had to win the last game of the group in Milano, against kazan, to qualify.
  17. calm down folks! mou will get things going soon, he's been in the same situation in 2009 with Milano if i remember well. The team struggled in the first two or three matches in that Champions League group and in the end they managed to go through thanks to a win against kazan, i think, in the last match of that group. And, guess what? Milano ended up as being Champions League winners. In Mou we trust!
  18. he looked good yesterday and he looks fit enough to play more than 60 minutes. You like it or not, but Chelsea was better with him on the pitch. Juan is one of my favourite players and, undoubtedly, he is our best attacking midfielder, but if Jose plans to use Oscar and KDB over him, then I would like him gone in January or in the summer. I'd be so fucking pissed, but this guy deserves more, he deserves to play week in, week out, he's our best player in the last two years, he's loyal, he's part of this Chelsea family and he's been a true soldier since his arrival from Spain. With all due respe
  19. Head Coach of Steaua, today: "Este foarte important primul joc, atât pentru club, cât şi pentru moralul jucătorilor. Eu ştiu ce jucători am la îndemână şi sunt sigur că vom reuşi să câştigăm şi în acest fel vom demonstra că suntem o echipă puternică. Asta e mentalitatea pe care trebuie să o ai dacă vrei să câştigi ceva în fotbal. Nu pot să îmi propun locul 2! Cum să îmi propun locul 2? Îmi doresc foarte mult să câştigăm primul loc! Noi plecăm la drum de la ideea că vom câştiga grupa." "The 1st game is very important (against Schalke), for both club and players morale. I know what kind of pla
  20. STAY FIT, MATE!!! Don't you dare getting injured or we're all fucked!
  21. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK ME i'm going to the church this sunday praying for Eto'o to be as healthy as a fucking bear this season. If he picks up a knock we're fucked. This must be a fucking joke, Lukaku going on loan and Demba Ba staying.................................
  22. PSG given 2 extra hours according to the Abu Dhabi news channel.
  23. Is there even anyone from Sky Sports ar Cobham? :ph34r2: The only thing I've seen about Chelsea was Jose leaving the training ground in a Ferrari
  24. I dream of him coming here since his days in Benfica. WHAT. A. PLAYER! We need a Witsel/Vidal type of player, but unfortunately I can't see any midfielder coming here in the next hours...
  25. Is there any reliable source reporting Chelsea's interest in Hulk? Right now Zenit's officials are in Kiev negociating Yarmolenko's transfer from Dynamo. Russian media speculates Yarmolenko will act as Hulk's replacement.
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