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  1. eto'o and demba ba didn't do any harm to john o'shea and wes fucking brown, what makes you think torres will be better against mertesacker and vermaelen? i'll be over the moon if we'll manage to concede only once and grab a draw here
  2. try and read that fucking sentence again. i didn't say draxler is the piece of the puzzle we're missing, but if i can get one of the best football talents in the world by swaping him for one of the shitest chelsea players this seasons that couldn't even dribble the swindon town players and 10 more million then let's fucking do this business, right here, right now, can't miss this opportunity. and don't say de bruyne was at the same level as draxler is when he came first to chelsea because you would be talking utter shite, now stop defending de bruyne, he's had his chances and he blew them all,
  3. i feel sorry for the lad, he might be a real talent, can't deny that, but he's not chelsea material in my eyes. €10mil plus kevin de bruyne for draxler looks like the real deal now. let's just hope schalke is willing to do this piece of business
  4. sorry, i was afk and it seems i was mislead by some infos i read on some football websites the correct dates are 26/02 away and 18/03 at home
  5. i don't know if you've heard this before, but he has not renewed his contract with madrid yet. things are unclear for the moment and there is quite a hesitation from both xabi and madrid wheter to renew this contract or not - usually a club like real madrid is not waiting that much to renew an agreement and that made xabi having second thoughts and, apparently, thinking about a new experience. rumours or not, but spanish newspapers say ancelotti would be about the only one from the entire club who wants xabi to continue in madrid... for those who have not watched him this season, he has been i
  6. steaua played tonight and the game ended in a 1-1 draw against galati just minutes ago. well, steaua is in deep shit right now, they are looking awful and if you want to know how steaua is looking right now just think about the 1st game in bucharest where chelsea won 4-0 - they are now 10-20 times weaker than they were in that game. watching their games is like listening to a broken record, they send you to bed, they're winless in this joke of a championship in over a month, they are outplayed in every game in the last six or seven games and they're not even the best team in romania anymore. b
  7. you know you're having a shit season if you're level on points with liverpool and behind arsenal in the standings... but i'm thinking, you know, our defence must be so poor if stoke, who only scored three goals in their last six games at home, can match that ratio against us... southampton one shot on goal, sunderland three shots on goal and stoke three shots on goal - seven shots on our goal and seven goals conceded in the last 3 epl games. wtf?
  8. from what ive seen in this season, if there is a player underperforming in a game, he'll be benched in the next one, but that is not the case with oscar it seems... the brazilian is one of my favourite players, but he is way out of form, he's been a mess in his last two games, he's been horrible against newcastle and i haven't seen much of him against schalke. should have been mata's turn... and mikel too....
  9. i think you got that wrong, the lad is not expecting someone to ask him who Leander Paes is because everybody should know who he is you know. as for the game i think we did a pretty good job albeit i was expecting something different from Schalke in this two matches, but i think this showed Bundesliga's limits. I really think we could play the B-side against any other opponent in Germany, except for bayern and borussia, and still get a clean sheet at the end of the game. ps: cahill-terry looks like a solid pairing and i think jose will stick with them when meeting big teams and rami-mikel sho
  10. Lewandowski: „Entscheidung über neuen Club bereits gefallen. Nächstes Jahr werde ich eine Entscheidung bekannt geben. Es braucht sich keiner mehr bei mir zu melden. Ich möchte nächste Saison einfach etwas Neues erleben, obwohl ich mich in Dortmund sehr wohlfühle.“ Lewandowski: „I've already made a decision about the club I'll sign with. I'll announce it next year so there is no need for the clubs to contact me anymore. Next season I just want to experience something new, even though I feel very comfortable in Dortmund.“ well, fair play to that football club that will sign this great striker fo
  11. planet earth to chelsea football club - "we're glad to have you back!" well, fair play to pardew, he was smarter than jose and he won that game for newcastle. After watching the 1st half and seeing our players' attitude and how frustrated mourinho was, i thought, you know, we would come back for the 2nd half with a different approach and with a better attitude, but instead we got RAPED!!! in the midfield area by anita, cabaye and sissoko. That's why i'm saying pardew won that game for them: he noticed our pivot is SHIT with Lamps there and he took his chances - press higher up the pitch and se
  12. extra time it is then! now get the job done and finish city off
  13. yep, watching it too. best case scenario would be extra time
  14. i'm not the one to get too excited after a run of great games, but boy this smells like '04 again newcastle is a decent team, but with such a shaky defence and i'm pretty confident jose and his army will prevail in the end. three goals against krul should do the job imo
  15. he can defend, he can attack, he can tackle, he can pass, he can dribble, what a player and he is not even at his full potential.
  16. i'd put my faith in mario to save the planet! valdes rio ferdinand - pepe - shawcross busquets - barton hulk cristiano suarez - balotelli © - diego costa
  17. zubizareta is in germany and it seems barcelona have reached an agreement with gladbach for ter stegen well, at least no more barcelona bullshit from now on when it comes to courtois.
  18. baker, chalobah, loftus-cheek, josh, swift, brown, kiwomya, kane. shaw is very talented, but so are this guys. and they are all Englishmen.
  19. fuck that... i was hoping javi garcia will play at cb, he is a complete joke there. tough game, they have really outplayed us in the last games and i think we will need more than one goal to win this one because they will surelly score... aguero is scoring for fun right now, negredo is playing well too, acting as a target man, yaya is in terrific form, but watching city playing away kinda makes me feel we will win this one... they might have the upper hand in the last six or seven games, but we have jose now!
  20. same here, if i can compare hazard with any other player on this planet than it must be ribery, and you know what - hazard at 22 is better than the 22-year-old ribery. the frenchman has had a slow start in his career, but he showed what he is made of at that world cup in 2006. his performances in that tournament made real madrid, arsenal, lyon to bid for him, but he chose to stay for one more season with marseille and go to munich in 2007. and we all know what happened to ribery after his arrival in munich... now let's hope hazard will follow the same path, but here with chelsea and not elswhe
  21. Chelsea legend in the making! I tell you mate, we are so lucky to have Oscar, he is already showing signs he will be an immense player, he is a joy to behold. Just wait for the next season when he'll probably be a World Cup winner. A 23-year-old World champion under Mourinho's belt - can't get better than this. Rising talent for now, football superstar in the next years, future Chelsea legend!
  22. Eto'o motm for me, he is really starting to show his class and I'm pretty sure this is just one of the many goals to come from this exceptional player. We have to admit the link between him and Hazard is just terrific. Otherwise, David and Branislav had a poor game, but I'm far from worried. Now let's keep this winning streak going and show Schalke what we are really made of!
  23. a club backed by Adidas and playing "false 9" lately? Chelsea, for sure!
  24. Just read it in El Mundo Deportivo. The article also says Benfica values Matic at €17M.
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