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  1. Oscar Broström ‏@OscarBrostrom Dagens mest störda uppgift: PSG erbjuder Chelsea tio miljoner euro + Zlatan för Juan Mata. Ta det, Mourinho – kör! PSG willing to offer Zlatan plus €10m for Mata Guy is a reporter for Expressen in Sweden
  2. You know, there's a tv show here in Romania called "European Football". It is live on monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday and it's all about analysing tactics and talking abou what happened in week-end's matches in La Liga, Ligue 1, EPL and Serie A. So, let's stick to te subject - when the "La Liga night" comes, they have a live chat by phone with Gica Craioveanu. If you haven't heard of him, he is a former Sociedad, Villareal, Getafe and Romanian National Team player, football commentator in Spain and with some friends inside Real Madrid such as Iker, Sergio Ramos, Xabi, Arbeloa, Albiol (
  3. I see you know something about that story, but you've missed some parts of it I guess . Actually, he is on a £300k a year salary, and you are right about that amount of money, but those money are coming from bonuses and a signing-on fee. Ruben's salary in his two-and-a-half year contract + signing-on fee + bonuses + some sponsorship deals = £1.7m. No way Chelsea could have been paying a 17yo w/o any competitive appearance that kind of money unless whe was Messi 2.0... Well, Lukaku was everything but an unproven player when he signed for Chelsea... I don't know if you followed him since his ea
  4. Well, he is going to Galatasaray for a reported fee around €12mil, but the salaray that Galatasaray will be giving to Bruma is just insane - a five year contract worth €9mil for a guy turning 19... Bale goes to Madrid for €100mil, now this kid gets a contract worth almost €2mil a year, now what's next? Sturridge goes back to City next summer for €150mil and teams like Monaco and PSG will start signing kids aged 17-18 for a €6mil a year contract?... There were reports saying Bruma will end up being a Chelsea player, and I think the reports were true. I think Chelsea and Sporting had reached an
  5. I've seen him playing for both Porto and Ghana in AFCON. He is Xerdan Shaqiri 2.0 Black Edition. Two or three inches taller than Shaqiri, but they both have the same attributes: great dribbling skills, quick feet, they are both fast and furios and Atsu's long range shots are quite impecable at times, missiles reaching their target. Top bargain!
  6. Actually, mate, do a research and stop with this fucking hate. Kerimov, Anzhi's owner, has a big respect for Eto'o and, even though he said he wants to get rid of all the players with big wages, he told Samuel that in case he won't sign with any club untill the deadline day, he'll be free to stay in Anzhi without taking a salary cut.
  7. I was so fucking pissed, we were seconds away of lifting the trophy. Then I went to the window and took a deep breath. I don't give a shit about this Supercup or World Club Championship or any other trophy of this kind. The Champions League and Premier League is what it counts this season and I bet Wenger, Pellegrini and Moyes are so fucking pissing in their pants now. We will be even stronger after this game. We've been the better side against what is called "the best team in Europe", untill Ramires was sent off. Fair play to Bayern, they are the winners in the end, but there is no way they w
  8. Milan let KPB go to Schalke because there are rumours they will bring Kaka back from Madrid. Kaka said after last night's game against La Coruna his time in Madrid it's over and he wants to leave. He already talked with Madrid's officials and with Ancelotti and informed them about his decision. Adriano Galianni said last night something like "he has always been in our hearts, we'll see if a move will be possible.". So, Kaka will end up in Milan I think.
  9. I will not be surprised if Mou will start a 4-3-3 formation with Rambo, Mikel and Essien as midfielders or a 4-2-3-1 formation with Mikel and Essien as defensive midfielders and Rambo on the right wing, Eden on the left wing and Mata as our playmaker.
  10. Yes, you are right, he was sentenced to three years in prison for "kidnapping". This is a file dating back in 2009 when some guys stole his car... He and his bodyguards found this guys and, instead taking them to the police, he decided to "interrogate" the thieves by himself, and his gorillas (bodyguards)... and you are smart enough to realize what happened to those thieves during the interrogatory He tried to run in Isarel when he heard he'll be sentenced, but police caught him at the airport. But this is just one of the many lawsuits he is involved in. He is investigated for bribery and any
  11. Hope he'll be the only Steaua fan posting here... although I'm waiting for more to find out about this forum and post here things like "we already beat you one time, we'll do it once again and finish 1st in this group" and BS like that... I live among them and I know how they behave. There are already thousands of people in Romania posting online about Steaua finishing 1st in this Group E. They consider themselves lucky they have drawn Chelsea, Schalke and Basel. There is a real madness here, everybody talks about Steaua qualifying with a minimum of 10-12 points... Insane things happening I mu
  12. Chelsea is coming to town! 12 points after Basel and Steaua. We should not have problems with Schalke at Stamford Bridge. As for Steaua - I'm glad we're playing against them so I can get to see the boys once again. I'm also glad we're playing 1st away game in Bucharest. National Arena is not a friendly ground to visit. 55.000 fans are in the stands when Steaua is playing here and if you are not fully focused, it might turn bad for you. This is why I'm happy we're playing our 1st away game here - Chelsea will be fully motivated for the 2nd win in this group and should not have many problems t
  13. He was at the training ground yesterday and said goodbye to his Porto teammates. He'll fly to London for a medical. "Há alguns pormenores que os clubes ainda estão a resolver, mas creio que nas próximas horas tudo será oficializado". Tony Appiah, his agent "There are some details yet to be resolved by the two clubs, but everything will be official in the next few hours."
  14. Sorry for the off-topic guys, but is there someone who knows where the guys (Chelsea squad) will be staying in Prague? In wich hotel?
  15. steaua for me, so I can meet to boys once again in Bucharest and visit Stamford Bridge for the 2nd time. Chelsea, CSKA/Marseille, Basel/Ajax, Steaua
  16. The official website of The National Union of Cameroonian footballers announced Chelsea have signed Samuel Eto'o. ETO’O rejoint MOURINHO à ChelseaLe capitaine des Lions Indomptables vient de s’engager avec le club anglais de Premier League, FC Chelsea. Cette mi-journée Samuel ETO’O Fils s’est officiellement engagé avec le club londonien de Chelsea. Comme à l’Inter Milan entre 2009 et 2010, le camerounais sera à nouveau sous les ordres du coach, Jose Mourinho, lui-même de retour cet été à Samdford Bridge. Avec cette signature, le quadruple Ballon d’Or Africain va connaître son 4ème championn
  17. Bring back the good old days when Robben and Duff were Chelsea's wingers. I'm so happy we've signed Willian. Please, Jose, do us a favour and start Mata along this two wizards! Hazard - Mata - Willian. Now we're talking business!
  18. Sevilla have announced he won't be playing for them anymore. He's going to Monaco for €20mil. What a shame... Chelsea should have sold Mikel and sign this guy instead.
  19. Well, Renascença is reporting Jackson Martinez's agent is right now in Porto discussing a new contract for his client. They say they are on the verge of closing a new deal that will keep the colombian in Porto until 2018, with a new €60mil release clause. Deal to be anounced in few hours, they say. Was Jose alerted by this new release clause and wants to wrap up the deal quickly so he won't face another "Cavani story" next summer?
  20. I'd rather spend that money signing Eto'o and Witsel/Mangala.
  21. He said that on Sky Sports. I saw that, too, but the interview on Al Jazeera is more "generous". The next two days are decisive I suppose, although I think he'll stay at United. As Jose said, after a summer full o gossips about him wanting to live, I was thinking some of United fans will "boo" him, but the reception he has got tonight was unbelievable. The only think that might upset him is his role in the team - he played once again in behind Robin van Persie and we all know he's not comfortable there. He was more of a playmaker tonight, his work rate was phenomenal, but this is not what he w
  22. with all due respect to some(!) members of this community, but you guys should watch a little bit more football... i see people wondering "where he'll be playing since we have Oscar, Schurrle, De Bruyne already", "why we spend this kind of money since we have tons of attacking midfielders", and so on. cmon guys, are you serious?.... first of all - with all due respect to our players, but Willian is way better than Oscar, Schurrle, Moses and KDB. The question should be: "where will KDB and Oscar be playing if Willian signs?". second of all - open you eyes guys! Chelsea do have real problems on
  23. if only we'd sign Rooney now and Roman with a last minute gift to Mourinho would get Witsel from his russian friends rooney eden mata willian witsel rami :sweating: :sweating: :sweating: :sweating:
  24. Jose had his 1st press conference when the Cavani saga was at its "boiling point" and not a fucking single journalist asked him about Cavani... I wouldn't be surprised if no journalist won't ask him about Willian.
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