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  1. Since the signing of Torres our club has undergone an awkward stage of transition. We went from a very tactical and physical (well thought out and organized) built to a system centered around magic in midfield and leap passes/long balls into the box that our new flashy striker would tuck away. All the football IQ and tactical mastery didnt help King Carlo jump into this new transition. Our club centers around a target man, not a poacher. Torres was a marquee singing that was intended to change the dynamics of our system, but that didnt quiet work out as planned. He's a fuck up. 22 goals this s
  2. "Neymar has signed for Bayern" says Vicente Cascione, former Santos official Wow bayern.. What the.. I dont even..
  3. This story is complete bullshit. First of all, Bayern's latest stockholders meeting took place November 15th 2012. Guardiola had not even officially negotiated let alone signed with Bayern at this point. What Hoeneß did however say at this stockholder meeting was that Bayern had equity of 278.2 Million Euro (which is probably where people are taking this number from) at the time, including an immediatly available cash reserve of 127.6 Millionen Euro. He expressed great pride in this uniquely comfortable position that they were in even after the transfer of Martinez for a club record sum, and w
  4. “Chelsea is a big club with fantastic players, every manager wants to coach such a big team. But I would never take that job, in respect for my former team at Liverpool, no matter what. For me there is only one club in England, and that’s Liverpool.” (2007) “If Chelsea are naive and pure then I’m Little Red Riding Hood.” (2007) “We don’t need to give away flags for our fans to wave – our supporters are always there with their hearts, and that is all we need. It’s the passion of the fans that helps to win matches – not flags.” (in regards to the 2007 Chelsea V Liverpool Champions League
  5. We came back from a sure exit of the CL and became european champions. How dare you level RDM's achievements to what Benitez is doing? You're god damn terrible at playing devils advocate. At least Henry used to make logical arguments, you just write garbage.
  6. Shame on any of our so called "fans" that wouldnt mind keeping Benitez around! Benitez took a series of cheap shots at Chelsea FC and Chelsea fans in highly successful attempts to suck up to Liverpool fans. Now he's paying the price for his toadying up to Liverpool fans and attempted 'mind games. For gods sake he was brought in for his supposed tactical know how and defensive genius. Where is all of that; we're still handing out goals to everyone and their mothers. And speaking of his tactics he keeps running the 4231 that RDM was criticized for running (In the game against brentford he put
  8. Don't believe any transfer news coming out of Spain today. It's their annual day of practical jokes. Last year the Barcelona squad all died in a plane crash.
  9. And you think you know what you're looking at, that's the problem. How is what you see in Falcao now, different than what you saw in Torres at his prime stage. Really, you don't know shit about shit lol
  10. I don't really understand the point you're trying to make, I dont think you do either. Dortmund has implemented a certain way of football, a way in which their strikers would also compliment ours (go to YouTube and search for Borussia Barcelona, this is why they have players like Reus and why they play the way they do now). And your Torres statement doesn't pertain to any of this at all. It was an infactuated buy from Roman, thats widely known. So no need for the sarcastic ignorance, because now you just look like a jerkoff.EDIT: I figured I would be a nice guy and do the hard work for you
  11. Just forget Cavani or Falcao for a minute; now think about Mata, Ramires, and Hazard supplying balls to Lewa. Are you kidding me? Guys don't get caught up in the tabloid hype of players like Falcao and Cavani, Falcao will cost $45,000,000. Take a breath, look around you, and realize how ridiculous that amount of money is. You would probably have a hard time doing do. Now lets be honest here... How many of you follow Chelsea, Napoli, A. Madrid, or Dortmund enough to know these players qualities, I would bet maybe 1 or 2 members. Everyone else is fueled by a hive mind way of thinking. Lewa would
  12. Winning the leauge, CL, and CWC is perfectly realistic. We are a force to be reckoning with to ANYONE. There isnt one team on this planet that doesnt sweat stepping onto the green against us.
  13. because you guys locked the neymar thread
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