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  1. touché!!! unlike most of you guys, I have never been impressed by Oscar. He might be a talented lad with lots of potential to develop into one of the best attacking mids in this football game, but he's just simply not the type of player I enjoy watching. My point is - although this team has tons of attacking mids, there is a spot that needs to be filled, and that's the RW. Moses is the only natural player that can play there. And maybe KDB, but he is more of an AMC. That's why I think, and Jose thinks,too (if the rumours are true), that Willian can fill in that spot. You can say what you want
  2. Heard Arteta will be missing for around two months with an injury. I think Luiz Gustavo will fill the spaniard's spot.
  3. Italian magazine "Panorama" had an exclussive interview yesterday with Samuel's agent and, among other things, he said clubs interested in his player will pay no money to Anzhi as Eto'o has an agreement with Kerimov, Anzhi's owner, and he (Kerimov) promised Samuel he won't ask for any money. He'll be free to leave once he agrees terms with other clubs.
  4. Actually, the lady refers to Abdou Razack Traore, number "21", the guy who scored the 2nd goal for Burkina Faso.
  5. But not Di Marzio... Gianluca Di Marzio, Gianni's son, the only guy I trust when it comes to rumours coming from Italy. Unlike other journalists such as Palmeri, his sources are solid. Best mercato journalist in Italy w/o a doubt.
  6. Well, I think Chelsea's priority should be Wayne Rooney and Jose stated this firmly, but if Rooney won't come here, I think Sami should be the right man in front of goal. I must admit he is one of my all time favourite strikers and he might be a bit past his prime, but he isn't done and dusted, guys... Some of you think of being 32-33 in football is like being 50 or 60... It isn't like that. This 32-year-old Eto'o is three times better than the actual Torres. His tank isn't empty yet and if Jose calls him, I think he can deliver a hell of a season. He is at least one big season (this season) l
  7. I'd go with: I prefer Ramires over Mikel and Marco van Ginkel because of his work rate and because he can provide much more than this two. He is a better dribbler, a better finisher and overall I'm more impressed by him. I don't think Mikel has all the qualities to be a starter under Mourinho and van Ginkel is a talented player I admire so much, but I think he needs some time to adapt to playing in EPL before breaking into the first 11. I chose Lamps over Essien and maybe van Ginkel, too, because I don't buy that shit with that "age factor". He might be close to his last year/years as a footb
  8. I read some reports in England saying Barcelona launched an £30-35m bid earlier this week with Chelsea refusing the offer and Mourinho stating Barcelona should try signing another defender because David Luiz is going nowhere. This isn't quite true. The actual offer was €25m as Catalan based newspaper ‘Sport’ reported. This is Sport's front page from few days ago.
  9. I just can imagine: against Hull City: "ya lo perdio Fryatt, se lleva larga De Bruyne, lo quiere por derecha Mata, al aria viene, (this must be Torres missing ), gol gol GOOOOOOOOOO...............................(TWO MONTHS LATER).....OOOOL Frankie Lampard con el rebote..." ) Funny commentators you have there
  10. Yeah, heard this rumour, too. Don't know what happend with De Rossi deal, but I think Mou has probably changed his mind and wants Khedira now, a guy he knows very well, even though Daniele is a player he admires so much. Punto Pelota, a very reliable source regarding Spanish football is saying Khedira is close to joining Chelsea and Kondogbia is even closer to joining Madrid.
  11. Spanish media claim he'll be a Real Madrid player in the next few days. Madrid's first bid of €12million was rejected by Sevilla. They want €15million for Kondogbia and Madrid will offer that money.
  12. Heard of him, never seen him playing. The only thing I know is that he turns into a monster, one of the best defenders in that Football Manager game. At first, when I entered the forum today and saw the name of this topic I said to myself: "Hmmm, Doria... must be that defender every Football Manager fan talks about. This guy who opened the topic about Doria must be a FM fan or a brazilian asking why Chelsea isn't bidding for him." Maybe some friends from Brazil or any other guys watching Brazil Seria A closely could provide some insights.
  13. Heard he is a talented young gun, but I've never seen him playing. Only watched some youtube highlights. Can't say anything about him, but he is a winger. So is Bertrand Traore. I've seen Traore playing and I was so impressed by him. So, right now I don't give a fuck if this Cristiano Ronaldo wannabe joins Benfica, Madrid or Paris. We have Traore and with the right guidance he will turn into a monster
  14. Haven't watched Gustavo closely, but if he's that good why is Bayern letting him go? I remember reading two or three weeks ago that Gustavo will be leaving Bayern this summer, so clubs knew since then he'll be available for a transfer. And again I'm wondering, if he's so good, why is Wolfsburg the only team interested in him?
  15. so if Spurs aiming this guy Chadli to be Bale's replacement, then Bayern should look in Arouna Kone and Gervinho to replace Ribery AVB had the chance to be named Paris' coach and he said no to them, also he said no to Barcelona couple of days ago and I'm pretty sure Bale won't leave this summer, too. They think they can challenge the title this season or make it into the TOP4 and shit like that...
  16. Hope won't bother anyone I opened this new topic. Well, now that Thiago Silva won't be leaving PSG this summer and Marquinhos is a done deal, Sakho's future is in doubt. I mean, I don't think you pay more than €30 million for one of the best rated young CBs in football just for using him as a substitute. Thiago Silva and Marquinhos will be the two CBs for Paris IMO. There are also Alex, Zoumana Camara and Diego Lugano that can act as backups. In this case, I don't think Sakho's future is in Paris anymore. He is only a year left in his contract with PSG! and he needs regular football in this se
  17. Today's Sport frontpage. Now if Thiago Silva won't be leaving Paris soon and Marquinhos is off to PSG, this means Sakho will be benched. Guy's a beast, he's only 23 and he'll be so fucking pissed if Marquinhos will play alongside Thiago Silva and he (Sakho) will have to sit on the bench. If Marquinhos to PSG will be official, Sakho might sound like a good idea for us.
  18. C'mon guys, are you even serious? City adds some names and all of a sudden they turn into favourites? Jesus Navas the guy who suffered from extreme homesickness? Fernandinho? Jovetic will get his ass raped in EPL, he's a talented young lad, but he is so injury-prone and his body acts like a "women's body" that he will brake into million pieces when Ivanovic/Terry/Vidic/Verthongen/Williams will challenge him. Navas is such a simple player to read: he's a right foot dribbler, that's his only move, that's the only thing he knows to do... and run, ofcourse. Fernandinho is a decent guy, he's calm a
  19. Al Khelaifi: "If Barça pays Thiago Silva's buyout clause, I'll pay Messi's buyout clause". :lol2:
  20. Thank you, guys, I really appreciate it!
  21. Sorry for being offtopic, but I have a question for those living in England - every day I'm reading all kind of tweets and quotes and so on. Can you please name the most reliable newspapers/sources from English media? A top5 maybe?
  22. I share the same thought. I guess De Rossi is already a Chelsea player. Yesterday's reports said Daniele is in London. He is a target for sure. I don't think Jose would have changed his mind over the night. Done deal IMO. Came out of nowhere. Just like playing Football Manager - you try to sign/sell a player and you can suggest them or they can suggest you playing a friendly game, part of that business. Pretty sure has something to do with De Rossi deal.
  23. Radio Monte Carlo reporting Hulk is set to join Monaco in a deal worth £52 million (€60 million) after he had a medical today.
  24. Heard Cazorla already agreed personal terms with Atleti and the deal is 99% done. Spanish media reporting it is Cazorla's wish to come back to Spain as he hasn't adapted to the life in England.
  25. I remember Valencia back when Mata was there. Unai Emery used to play a 4-2-3-1 system with Mata-David Silva-Joaquin/Pablo Hernandez as attacking mids and David Villa as a lone striker. Mata was terrific as a RW/LW. This is how he got the attention of big clubs. He moved to AMC only after David Silva left for City. He was brilliant in his new position, too, but my point is, naturally, Mata is a winger and, although we have Schurrle, De Bruyne and Moses, I still think we need a better RW and Juan would fit perfectly in that position IMO. Hazard - Rooney - Mata. Just imagine. This three wizards
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