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  1. Why do I think it's today or tommorow?
  2. @BlancoStats/status/488806416166031360 Don't know if this is how to do it, seen this a few mins. Getting excited.
  3. De Rossi story 2.0 Hope there is something tho.
  4. We have all the CB's we want. This mate, is a no need gem in a 100k gold chain.
  5. Haha. 2 weeks before that half of the people here, incl. me were slating him. I don't want him at Chelsea, he is a better passer than Ramires and nothing more. Opinions change fast after good matches. Let's be honest, Kroos was never gonna come here tho.
  6. I was trying to believe it, then remember I needed to eat. It's not going to happen, even if he takes a pic at SW6.
  7. It's a good signing. I wonder, him or Theo to go left?
  8. That's so fake. Everybody wishes it's real. Was expecting H.A.M shit, this is beyond lol. We are getting only Costa, FL and Fabregas.
  9. We negotiated two great transfers in today's market, considering the inflated prices on basically everything. Giving some stick to Atleti for this mate is no bother, I even am happy for it. Considering there are so many options on the market, or atleast, 2 good, considering RR and Moreno, who will cost the same, or even less, I don't see why in the world Atleti will try to disengage this one. Especially when we had given them Thibo for 3 straight seasons. It's kind of childish. I know Its money, and it is to balance the books, still, 5 million? We are giving them 15 mil. it's not like he is wo
  10. Brendan will make it. It's not Dalglish making the signings. Don't be weighing everything on the names.
  11. Im okay with opponents getting the hell money to get their players, if we are to "Bargain" what we get. Costa and Fabregas are perfect examples of smart decision, and weighed options. So let City spend that money on Mangala, he's good. As long as they decide to do it, and not get a normal CB for 10 to 15 mil. from a lesser team.
  12. The only thing that bothers me. We always right, that we are waiting for a medical. Now its only that we agreed a fee, are we that confident.
  13. Act. Atleti didn't have a reserve left - back. A good one, atleast. So even if it falls down it will be rotation. My 1st choice is Moreno anyways. I don't mind any of the three we can get.
  14. Lol. Moreno and RR are available. That alone will make Atleti sell,
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