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  1. i don't want us to replace him with Courtois. although Courtois is a very good keeper, In Romania there is a saying, don't replace your pigeon with the crow on the fence, something like don't fix it if it ain't broken. I wish he would stay at least 4-5 more years with us, or at least until he starts to get rusty. Maybe it's just me, but i'm a romantic about these things. Also, if Et'o chooses to leave, i hope we resign Drogba as our 3rd striker / striker coach.
  2. must win these kind of games. basically we have 7 more games in which we have to pour our hearts out!
  3. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11065/9222035/transfer-news-chelsea-striker-samuel-etoo-open-to-inter-milan-return The striker, who has netted 10 goals in all competitions since joining Chelsea, refused to rule out the possibility of moving back to the San Siro despite a change in presidency since his time there. "If (Massimo) Moratti calls me, why not?" he told Sky Sport Italy. "I know that Inter has a new president (Erick Thohir) but Moratti is still there."
  4. yeah, if losing 3-1 to napoli and being sacked means qualifying for the quarters, then yes, he is right.
  5. that ManU - Olympiakos referee was fucking disgusting. after 6 2nd half substitutions, 1 goal celebration + a van persie injury that lasted about 3.5 min until he was off, he only gave 5 minutes of added time. Then he didn't even let the whole 5 pass, at 4.54 he whistled the end of the game. I bet you if united was chasing the goal, things would have stood differently. Anyway, hope we get them in the next round and smash them. Fuckin' love to see that clueless moyes lose.
  6. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck you west ham you fucking cunts. i am sooooooo fucking angry
  7. city is the biggest threat. arsenal are on the decline, and with the schedule they have, they will lose many more. arsenal without a trophy in 2014 I say
  8. what a nice voice she has, really comforting to hear her
  9. as much as I would want, I can't simply hate the guy. will follow his career wherever he goes
  10. that would be great. i wonder if he would accept it...
  11. number 15 so 10 is free for hazard in the summer
  12. ) if only it was at stamford bridge! but at the etihad, tough!
  13. if we qualify today and Lampard stays with us another season, he can surpass Ron Harris. that would be awesome!
  14. http://milantime.acmilan.com/en/video/10024 what a humble guy he is. wish you all the best, mate!
  15. "Chelsea is a top club and I have many friends there but you cannot turn down the chance to join Manchester United. I look forward to helping the manager and the team be successful in the coming years."
  16. come on, make it official already! although i don't hate him for leaving, and the cash is pretty good ( hope it's more than 37mil quid), i fu*kin' hate that he's going to manutd. this move is going to bite us in the ass some day.
  17. sometimes i can't believe we had someone like Ballack in our side. what a player and what a class act!
  18. Cech is actually on 152 i think
  19. 'At this moment he beats the record of Mr Bonetti but I think probably next year he will beat the record of the Premier League. 'He becomes a historic figure in the Premier League because all his career has been here since 2004. Also playing with Chelsea he has a lot of appearances and the best stage for a goalkeeper I think is between 30 and 35.' Mourinho on Cech today. After those words, it might just seem he is going to stay, regardless of Courtois coming in.
  20. although he hardly had a save to make, voted for Petr for his 209th clean sheet. Hazard deserved it though!
  21. Petr Cech - 209 clean sheets for Chelsea - new record Go on Pete, we want 300!
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