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  1. This + all the other posts by cosmicway: clearly cosmicway is just trolling. His comments about this issue just cannot be taken seriously....
  2. https://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/willian-wanted-leave-arsenal-three-months/blt2790f10e0c88e190 What has been said? Willian has now opened up on his departure, telling Rio Ferdinand's YouTube channel FIVE: "I was not happy, that’s why I didn’t perform. I don’t want to go into the details, but I wasn’t happy. "So, when I arrived there I was happy, from the beginning I was motivated, I wanted to do well, new club, new mates, new projects. "After three months, I told my agent 'please, I want to go'. I don’t want to speak bad about the club because it is a big club, has a big hist
  3. jorginho is so bad at through passing. fabregas is in another league
  4. it would be hilarious lpool to lose but us, also lose
  5. haha. You are funny. Of course he will.
  6. what about trying Alonso as LCB? Seeing the rumour that Barca want him to replace Pique, got me thinking. Maybe he can do a job there, as he has no pace whatsoever as a fullback
  7. what a pile of shit, the second half. It looked like Swansea were f*ing AS Roma
  8. would be a good buy, at the right price
  9. THIS would be sensational! Much better then the one circulating on the internet these days
  10. Moses literally hits the first defender at every cross he tries.
  11. I would put Jody Morris in charge until the end of the season. Maybe a RDM 2.0
  12. What are you doing to my club, Conte?
  13. We had one fucking week to prepare this match. Conte can't play the tired card anymore. The tactics were shit. The ambition, nonexistent. Just horrid!
  14. imagine being this shit for the last 10 years (Arsenal and Wenger)
  15. Hazard and Tibo will surely go in the summer. Have to be retarded to stay. Thanks, Conte and Board
  16. City are beating us. Arsenal are beating us. ManUtd are beating us. Watford, Bournemoyth, West Ham are beating us. Can't wait for Tottenham and Liverpool. We are truly pathetic. We don't deserve top 4
  17. Just imagine when this lot start against Barca
  18. you just know Bakayoko is going to play the full 90 min
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