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  1. yeah and pantilimon said a few days ago that mancini promised him he will play in the final. then changes his mind. wanker having said that, i hope wigan win the cup! can't stand city
  2. can we ever win a game comfortably against a shitty team?
  3. I think it's clear Lampard and Terry won't play on Wednesday.
  4. fuck off united, scoring 3 goals from offside. we don't get penalties against kompany, aguero doesn't see red, suarez gets away with murder, games lasting 97 minutes, sums up this shit season doesn't it?
  5. sad day. 2nd time Chelsea play in Romania, 2nd time we play shitty. (the first one was vs CFR CLUJ in the CL, it ended 1-1 i believe)
  6. i can't see us winning this one. maybe try for a rematch at the bridge, although after this week's performances, i can't see us doing that either.
  7. i was at the mach. torres was so hurrendous, i couldn't believe my eyes! If i watch some of his liverpool days, i tend to cry.
  8. http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/4160/extra-time/2012/10/27/3483056/extra-time-sligo-rovers-player-dons-john-terry-mask-to-celebrate- FUNNY
  9. i hope he'll coach chelsea some day
  10. low quality for slower connections: http://www.thefirstrow.eu/ this works for me, hope it helps
  11. tell me about it. luckily i can watch cfc on stream
  12. sometimes a little sense of humour doesn't hurt. i find it funny!
  13. maybe they don't, but i sure as hell would like that supercup, club world cup and c shield please. the more, the merrier
  14. i don't know, should i be happy or sad?
  15. Santi Cazorla:"I want to join Arsenal to have a chance to play at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea, the European Champions it's a dream" it's from twitter, i don't know if it's true
  16. Catalina Ponor - woman's romanian gymnastics team 2nd from the left
  17. a good little article written by a MANU fan....about club history http://eltriumvirate.co.uk/?p=2121
  18. ancelotti will have one hell of a team. i'm just glad montpellier managed to win it this year, cause next year it will definitely be out of their reach.
  19. this avb guy is starting to get on my nerves. shut up and do whatever it is you'll be doing at spurs. stop living in the past.
  20. posted this in the english forum. sorry http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/3275/bundesliga/2012/07/13/3240317/hamburg-suspend-rajkovic-following-attack-on-team-mate so, after spitting a referee in the face he does this.
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