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  1. “Liverpool are an unbelievable club with great history". Daniel Sturridge Great. talk about that history why don't you
  2. haha, i f_ckin' love you moyes. keep it up
  3. Voted for cechs 208 clean sheet for chelsea
  4. Yeah, clearly the players are to blame, but Mourinho is too pasive i feel, since he came back. Hove he drives some sense in these players
  5. i would have loved to have bertrand and shaw as our LB, when cole eventually retires/moves on. sadly, it looks like ryan isn't in mou's plans.
  6. Roma offered Chelsea striker BaThe Premier League club are holding out for an offer of €15 million for the forward, whose representatives have made contact with the Serie A high-flyers about a move http://www.goal.com/en/news/596/exclusive/2013/12/13/4475814/roma-offered-chelsea-striker-ba?ICID=OP
  7. if we keep him, i think he will be capable of beating frank's goalscoring record
  8. i think it will be between us, arsenal, lpool and city. united and tottenham i can't see having a chance, everton will crack eventually.
  9. i would kill to have him in our squad instead of eto'o or torres
  10. agree. maybe a rest for petr will do him good.
  11. i don't think he wants to come to England again. i would take him though.
  12. fuck this was awful. but the refereeing was disgusting also. their 2nd goal was after a foul on azpi, and we had at least a penalty today
  13. Happy Bday JT. I wonder if we are going to have a longer-serving captain than him in the next 20 years.
  14. Why is he not even mentioned by Mourinho when he talks of the left-back position? It's like we only have Ash & Azpi.
  15. Steaua is weaker then they were last year. They lost 2 important players in Chiriches (Tottenham) & Rusescu (Sevilla) - last year's goal scorer against us. They haven't bought good replacements for those 2. We have strengthen! Plus we have Mourinho.
  16. can't wait for the steaua fans to start trolling the thread!
  17. did he actually say that (the quote)?
  18. http://firstrownow.eu/ works for me
  19. RUMOUR - DROGBA BACK TO THE BRIDGE? Chelsea are set to offer former striker Didier Drogba a player-coach role at Stamford Bridge. The Blues are keen to lure the Ivorian back to west London with the club confident he can play for three more years, says the Daily Mirror. What a story that would be - Jose and Didier forever.... i know it's just a rumour. but maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea, if we don't get rooney or another striker
  20. now i understand why you have 1200+ posts
  21. would love begovic, solid 2nd choice keeper. turnbull I didn't like to begin with. hilario - I'm sad to see him go. remember those barcelona CL games in witch he played?
  22. so, is hilario and turnbull leaving/ hilario retiring? When do their contracts run out? really don't know the situation here and heard a bunch of people saying they were leaving.
  23. De Bruyne's mother was born in Ealing, West London, making him eligible to play for England, although he instead opted to play for the country in which he was born (wiki) didnțt know that until now
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