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  1. Oh A LOT has been happening to me . I am glad to be back and I have missed you and everyone on the forum.
  2. Ok we can disagree on the term SLIGHTLY, it is a subjective matter, but sure he dropped in the second half of the season with comparison to the first half. The point that I always had when it came to young players such as Oscar, is that they will go through drops in form and periods of inconsistencies. He still contributes significantly to the team. Maybe now more defensively than offensively but still is important. Maybe it it is accumelated fatigue, maybe it is the weather, maybe something else I don't know for sure. But I know when he is in top form he is a great asset to have. I would not
  3. looool. I guess I didn't miss much having been away from the forum since the WC. Seems to be a trend to completely dismiss the guy when he drops slightly drops in form. When will this guy get a break I have no clue.
  4. I really don't get all the fuss created around Salah. At Basel and Fiorentina Salah has more of a free role in the pitch. He drops at times to midfield, goes to the wings or plays as a shadow striker. At Chelsea he is more of a winger than anything else. So clearly the system is a key factor. Playtime is also a factor as far as confidence is concerned because clearly he is not suffering in form. That is why he is finishing like he used to finish at Basel and the Egyptian National team. When he was clearly not given much play time that affected his morale. And clearly that showed in the few gam
  5. Definitely they should be eradicated. They live to kill others and destroy their lives.
  6. They will definitely be a problem and serious threat if they return. But monitoring their return shouldn't be the only problem. In my opinion, their must be a big investigation on how those people were radicalized. Find out the preachers they listen to and the ones that come to give speeches in the UK. If their leaders are in the UK they need to track them down. If they are foreigners and are somewhere else, then the government should cooperate with these countries in order to get them. I know an Egyptian preacher, who is on the the UK's black list. He fled out of Egypt and is in Qatar current
  7. Black bagging the entire Muslim community?!!! You can't be serious.
  8. They were all really rhetorical my friend. We have captured actually 7 who have returned from Syria. And we are trying to track the rest who might have returned and others who are abroad. People in the street condemn these acts and behavior. Muslims say that this has nothing to do with Islam and these people are not even extremists, they are far more than this as they are manipulating everything in order to gain power. People don't consider them Muslims. Our media have been all over them, tv programs and newspapers. The highest Islamic institution in Egypt and the oldest in the world have been
  9. Does the Uk media, or any Western media show how the vast majority of the Arab Muslim countries feel about ISIS? And I mean by that how the governments view them and how the people in the street view them. Does show what happens to the ones that return? Why is ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and Syria) is now shortened to IS (Islamic state)? Is it due to just laziness or to give a broader image that those extremist terrorists reflect the entire Muslims in the world?
  10. It is against the principle of a zionist Jewish state to have a majority that is not Jews. It is part of the core principles.
  11. Right winger extremists views are on the rise. This is no good sign for the future. Especially with clear rise of Islamic extremists. It is an introduction for something real bad.
  12. Yep http://edition.cnn.com/2014/08/08/opinion/israel-own-worst-enemy-levy/index.html?hpt=hp_t5
  13. Gideon Levy had an article published recently on cnn website. Check it out
  14. As a Muslim, I actually share this view. There are relativity in things. There are many factors affecting a problem. You try to minimize the damages as much as possible and capitalize on the positives as much as you can. Life is not rigid. It is not a matter of black and white.
  15. You see if he is knowledgeable but not strong enough as far as morals and principles ( I am not talking about the Islamic only but the humanitarian golden rule about treating others the way you want to be treated), there is a verse in the Quran that is always used to exploit that. Specifically a verse that directly says ( and I am puting the translation) " Obey God and His Prophet and those of you who are in charge/more knowledgeable". This is a key verse radicals use and really someone who is of knowledge but limited view can be pinned with. So basically they tell him God ordered us to fight
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