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  1. There are two big differences with City. 1- City started in much worse shape than we did. When Mansour took over the club, City were a mid-table side. Chelsea were Fourth. We were in much better shape (not to mention having a young Lampard and Terry already playing great) We all hate Ken Bates for a reason but he also started to invest in Chelsea before Roman came along. For those of us who were supporters then, Chelsea were a lot of fun to watch and they had a good club. 2-City was dealing with a much more competitive spending league. When Chelsea started spending huge, nobody else in the Pre
  2. One of the reasons I hate the cult of managers is that I feel that managers overall don't actually make a huge difference. They can make a small different and sometimes, that small difference is the edge you need, but the media and fans give them way too much credit/blame usually. The real job of a manager at a club like Chelsea is managing the egos and motivating the players. Look at Mourinho's record overall at Chelsea. 8 years starter. I'd say about 4 of those years overall, Chelsea had the most expensive club in England and maybe the world and all of those years, Chelsea was one of the hi
  3. As others have pointed out, the transfers or lack of in the summer are not a real point. First off, we still spent more than the vast majority of clubs and bought Pedro who is a great player. Secondly and more importantly, we won the league last year. This is not a team four points out of first where a slight improvement or increased depth would have made a difference. This is a team near the relegation zone despite being filled with quality players. This is probably the worst sustained performance of a team of this quality I can remember.
  4. When Mourinho took over, I thought it was a mistake because we had the wrong sorts of players for him to build his team, so, we sold them and bought more fitting players. Now, however, we are a mess with no style and no sound of the club so anyone can take over and rebuild. Something I think is missing from a lot of name managers is the ability to be flexible. Mourinho, Van Gaal, etc... they have to build their teams to play a specific way. You'd think that a good manager could just get the best out of their players no matter what the system.
  5. How can people pretend that a dozen players weren't trying AND NOT blame the manager for that? If he can't control or motivate his team, he deserves to go anyway. I have never liked the cult of Mourinho. No player is bigger than the club and managers are worth a lot less than players. There was no scenario where Mourinho keeping his job made sense. We were awful, his antics were childish and disruptive, and Chelsea were not improving at all. This was not a rash decision in the least.
  6. Except, this is a baker who chose and bought his own ingredients. I think managers and their impact are generally overrated but unlike RDM, AVB, Grant, Scolari, or even Ancelotti, this is completely a Mourinho squad. He has had three years and north of 150M pounds to spend on building this squad. Not only that, but he also inherited a squad brimming with young talent. He chose to get rid of many of them and replace them with his kind of players. The other thing is that the players aren't bad. Hazard was the best player in the premier league last season. Pedro, Costa, Oscar, Azpi, Fabergas, Ma
  7. We have 15 points in 15 games. We haven't looked like a quality team in about a year. This, if anything, is overcompensation for sacking a few managers too early. RDM got fired when we were four points out of first after the winning the CL and the reason he was fired was that we didn't build a unique offensive style. Ancelotti was fired after coming in second and neither RDM or Ancelott had the same ability to choose their squads and build them in their images. How do you do that and then let Mourinho manage the team into almost the relegation zone halfway through the season?
  8. Absolute garbage. Probably the most disheartening period in my 20 years of supporting Chelsea. I will support the club even if they got relegated but I'd really rather they didn't.
  9. He's a bit of an odd player. Amazing energy, fantastic at free kicks, wonderful work rate, but I hate him on the ball. He is very slow at moving the ball once he receives it and runs sideways and in circles a lot instead of attacking. At the top level, you have to move the ball quickly and Willian just doesn't do that often enough. It's a strange contradiction that he's been both our best player this season and also that he has been too central to our attack.
  10. Yeah. Been lurking a bit but life got in the way of posting.
  11. I agree there's no hope but I want him gone for other reasons. I'm sick of the BS. The mind games, the immature garbage. The tantrums. I don't find it endearing or interesting. It's extremely childish. I want a manager who can just shut up and manage the team sans drama. Chelsea doesn't just need a new manager, it needs a culture change.
  12. So, explain why Drogba is close to being one of the greatest Chelsea players please. TWO years of 12+ goals in the league. Apart from those two seasons, he had a pretty mediocre goal-scoring record for the other 6 (87 goals in 237 games is not good). He was a very good striker who had two fantastic seasons and happened to play on fantastic teams so he had a lot of big game moments (he also had a lot of bad moments in big games which is normal) . We have had a lot of very good strikers but none have ever been on teams like Drogba was so never had the opportunity to have those massive games i
  13. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/fourth-place-medal/u-women-hockey-team-scrimmaging-against-high-school-170704740--oly.html Against just a high school team, an elite women's team would win the vast majority of the time in most sports (no for baseball though. Even high school pitchers throw in the 70s and 80s and the fastest fastball by a woman ever recorded is about 65MPH which is incredibly hittable. Against an elite high school team then it would be different as the boys would likely win in every sport.
  14. Was awful. Normally, I think small sample sizes are absurd to look at it, but in this case, there is reason for concern. If a player looks out of rhythm or mistiming things, that is very often down to just lack of gameplay, but Drogba this is pretty much how he can be expected to play. He is 36 YO and has not been a top striker in about 5 years. He was declining quickly even with Chelsea, becoming effective in only a handful of games in his last couple of years with us. Look at it this way, had Drogba stayed after the CL win what would have happened? Almost certainly one more year of continue
  15. Schalke is getting slaughtered in the Bundesliga. They are an utter mess. While having a super easy group for the second year in a row is good, I actually miss having a challenge. Not a group of death or anything but one difficult team to at least get two marquee group games to really look forward to. The only way Chelsea will not finish first in this group is a screwup of historical proportions.
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