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  1. Hazard was brilliant here, just sold him at the start of his decline for a big bag of money. That was one of the most brilliant complete deals ever: Buying him, let him shine for years, sell him at the end of his career for three times as much <3
  2. He is not a winger, so playing a bad game is not a big deal then.
  3. Spanish players are always overhyped. David Silva was a fantastic transfer for Man City, Azpi was a great buy for 9M. But almost all the other Spanish players were too expensive for their abilities. The only excellent Spanish player transfer playing PL now is Adama Traoré for the Wolves.
  4. To be fair, Cuntois is the best air commander in the world. So for the defenders it was very difficult going from watching Courtois catch every set piece, and the season after having to do everything their self. I also think people are way too hard for Kepa. I think the kid tries his best. He is not a murderer, it is still a game.
  5. We made him the most expensive goalkeeper in the history of football. He plays like De Gea in his first two seasons for United, but after that De Gea was excellent for a few years... Let's hope it turns around. Although even a good Kepa will be 2 levels beneath Cuntois I think.
  6. You can't throw away that much money. With FFP we have to give Kepa another chance. If we'd have an unlimited budget, we could take a 50M loss on Kepa. Now it's impossible.
  7. I think this can kill the whole EPL when players are used to eachother: -------------------------------------------------------Kepa (25)------------------------------------------------------- James (20)----------------Zouma (25)-----------------------T. Silva (35)--------------------Chilwell (23) --------------------------------Kanté (29)----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------Kovacic (26)---------------------------------- -----------------
  8. Kepa just costed too much. He is the most expensive goalkeeper in history. We have to rely on our scouting and give him confidence and hope he just needed a lot of time like De Gea. We don't have another choice imo. I don't think he will ever be Cech or Courtois level, but he can do a lot better than now.
  9. Sick game by Courtois. He's on track to break the all time clean sheet record in La Liga.
  10. 4-0 already vs Liverpool. 2 assists and a goal from De Bruyne
  11. Eden is injured the whole time at Madrid, maybe we can buy him back for 60M?
  12. Imagine: Hazard-Werner-Pulisic Ziyech We had to do this earlier
  13. From the moment De Bruyne arrived here, he was the best player of the club. He was the best player in preseason, he was MOTM in the first PL game. And then we had a sh*t first half against United. And Mourinho offered De Bruyne with the intention of never bringing him back in the team again. Mourinho hated De Bruyne and made his biggest blunder ever. It remains one of the first things that people think about when they see Mourinho. The guy that couldn't see the talent of De Bruyne.
  14. Legendary coach, but legendary blunder also. Oh oh, Jose. Where is Oscar now? Is he still playing football?
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