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  1. Lol @ Azi kiicking mata back after the foul
  2. Like most people here, I would like him to work on his height, maybe train some more to grow an extra cm or 2. Every other aspects of him looks very promising for a young world class goal keeper.
  3. My no.9 Morata Chelsea Home Vapor match shirt just arrived in the post. Cost me an arm and a leg, please do me proud in the upcoming matches..... :S
  4. Fernandihno was slapping fabregas in the face a few times and really wanted to fight. Wtf!! Really look aggressive like a delinquent
  5. Kante doing what Kante does - aussie commentator
  6. zzz where can i get such realistic face mask that torres is wearing now
  7. Thanks a lot. Can I ask where you get/find those ustream links so I do so myself in the future? It really is lovely and doesnt lag!
  8. What really annoyed me was, after Lampard scored, Jose deciding to bring Drogba on as a LONE striker at such a crucial moment. Did Jose really think that Drogba, being a chelsea legend on a similar scale as Lampard, would also slot one in the net as well to counter-balanced Lampard's goal? ZZZ We needed a fast and fully fit player against the City 10 men, and Remy would've been a much better choice if a substitution was neccessary imo.
  9. I don't think any chelsea fan was happy that he scored against us and made us dropped 2 points. Heck, he made me lost $240 worth of bets. I think most people here are just disgusted at those calling him cunts, judas , traitor etc because he scored against us and therefore needed reminding that he is top professional, now being paid by city and is only doing his job. And to treat him with such disrepect after playing for the clubs for 13 years with all his heart and scoring many important goals for the club, that is what I find most bizarre.
  10. On a lighter note, lampard was the only city player to scored against us.. because he's the only one that had the keys to the bus
  11. It never ceased to amazed me how self-centered and childish people are on the internet. Calling Lampard a cunt, judas, traitor (in his thread) etc just for doing his job like what every top professional should do. You should know that Chelsea deemed him to be a surplus to the 2014/15 squad and Man City is currently now paying his wages. He's been at Chelsea for 12 years, captained crucial games and clearly love the club. He showed great respect by not celebrating one bit - not even smiling and seem rather awkward when the city came running to hug him. Don't be so childish. Yes, the club is bi
  12. Breaking news: Spanish forward Fernando Torres has today signed a new 5 year contract which will keep him at Chelsea FC until 2019. "We are delighted to have secured Fernando's service for the next 5 years" said head coach Jose Mourinhno. "His performance in the world cup [and] especially against Australia prove that he is still one of the best strikers out there". Torres' wage is reported to have also increased to £250,000 per week, making him one of the highest paid football players. Source: Skysports.com Woloooooo!! Who's excited!?
  13. Here comes the Torres bashing again. I think Torres did his part for the first half.
  14. Mourinhno will now proceed to park the plane
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