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  1. Champions league place on the line and the players turn up like this...Attack is dire ..There is no threat among the frontline..No ounce of creativity
  2. We have not improved at all as a team.. David Luiz should not be starting next season ...He should be moved on this summer..No movement and full backs do not have any attacking sense,..They are winning first balls and second balls ..Do not what backline and midfield is doing..
  3. He lost fans at the bridge.....I doubt he will last long after this...
  4. Direct runs from their midfield ...while we do not have anyone who is making runs or movement into the box...
  5. Agree he is so poor at being dominant in the box....he still has potential to become a great keeper...he has to show more
  6. Back 4 is terrible...Do not have any football iq...what the hell is with these safe passes and where is movement of our players...i doubt that sarri will change anything...they keep on putting these pathetic performances..i dont think he will last long if he continues like this...Hope they do not score 2 more in the second half...
  7. 10 days of rest and this happens...Some of these players do not have any responsibility....our defensive organization is a mess..jorginho does not have any positional sense as a cdm..in addition to that he is misplacing passes...kepa needs to improve as well..He is good keeper but does not belong to top class...Alonso the less said the better it is..
  8. Apart from forest game this is 3 games without scoring a goal...Worrying trend....Do not know what they are doing in training...Our shooting is so bad compared to other top teams...Why can't we ever do a cut back or low cross ,,easiest way to score a goal....Sarri has to change some thing
  9. Good half by the boys..showed much more intensity and hunger than the previous game against them....We need to be killers on the field...should finish the chances...Willian is essentially a no threat..he needs to take atleast 1 shot or create chance or atleast take on trippier...did none of them
  10. Fitness is a serious concern ...they made 8 changes while we made only 1 change...
  11. Willian , Alonso and Morata...Cannot wait to see this trio...
  12. FabHazard


    Wow...that is some stat...Hopeless ...opposition does not have to worry about him..
  13. Kante.....YES..!!!!....very good in this game . ....attacking and defense
  14. Where is the promised sarriball when it is needed?
  15. Willian and CHO should switch wings...but I don't expect this to happen
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