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  1. pretty much agree, sadly his ankles/legs are shot to fuck he has had THREE broken bones at separate times (and ligament damage) in his lower legs since he left just as I predicted (his only having, at most 1 possibly stellar year left when we sold him, and he did not even produce that) too much beating on him in the EPL, plus he is a HORRID trainer and doesn't take care of his body in that regard, he is a throwback to the 1970/80's and before Grealish gets throttled about as well, but takes far better care of himself
  2. Dusan Vlahovic (IF we do not get Lewa, and obviously fail on the other big 4 names) its either him or DCL or stand pat for me, unless we dice roll on Jonathan David at a low price (again that is IF we fail on the Big 5) and as like I stated, Isak is off the table now as we will NOT pay €90m for him (and he was never really a Big 5 member at all anyway, the ONLY other striker you could, perhaps toss in and make it a Big 6 is Lautaro) btw, you forget Mbappe on your 'outside of' comment I also disagree with you on Lukaku if we fail on the other 4 (which is
  3. good bloke, and should have been in that pen shoot-out with Citeh CL is a great going away prezzie
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRFJcS0jy7L/
  5. I fucking love it! I want the same to happen to Real Madrid next, and then Juve. The 3 Cuntmusketeers (half of the 6 originators of FFP, along with Manure, Bayern and Pool, all of whom wanted to fuck AC Milan (especially Juve, that is where it all started, with Berlusconi), then later Chels, and finally Citeh, and PSG, plus RM wanted to put the boot down on AM to a lesser degree, and ALL six wanted to make sure Ajax never rose again, and Inter, Napoli, Arse, Spuds, and Dortmund were always staying small horses)
  6. If you remove Mbappe, Håland, Kane, Lukaku, and Isak (new €90m release clause) from the board then that leaves the only viable and remotely acceptable (and heads will explode on some of most) options left of quality or potential and BTW I am NOT endorsing moves for all of these but I am going to be thorough (in other words, if they are NOT on this list it is not happening or deffo should not (many ON the list should not happen) to show you the state of flux atm EVERY single CF listed on Transfermarkt is/was THEORETCALLY available (and no I do not mean a psycho bid, e
  7. more RW shitbaggery put paid to Western Heat Wave ‘Virtually Impossible’ without Climate Change Global warming made such an event at least 150 times more likely a new rapid analysis finds https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/western-heat-wave-virtually-impossible-without-climate-change/ The blistering heat wave that scorched the Pacific Northwest last month would have been “virtually impossible” without the influence of climate change, scientists say. In fact, it was nearly impossible even with it. That’s according to a new study from World Weather Attri
  8. that Barca 2009 robbery was FAR worse biggest heist in modern football history
  9. is he truly fit though? for a fill 90+ minutes or at least a big chunk of it?
  10. LOLOLOLOL, Barca are so fucked financially they cannot even register Sergio Agüero, despite him coming on a free. They need to massively clear off so much of their salary load to meet the cap. No wonder RM, Barca, Juve are refusing to leave the ESL.
  11. serial winner 11 topflight trophies, including a career quintuple (a league title, the major domestic cup, the EL, the CL, and the WC) the only thing he is missing is the Euros trophy (thought he would get that this year), the Super Cup, and the FWCC (if he stayed he could have gotten the last two) Honours Montpellier Ligue 1: 2011–12 Arsenal FA Cup: 2013–14, 2014–15, 2016–17 FA Community Shield: 2014, 2015, 2017 Chelsea FA Cup: 2017–18 UEFA Champions League: 2020–21 UEFA Europa League: 2018–19 France FIFA World Cup: 2018
  12. Milan News: Milan reach agreement with Chelsea over Giroud – operation will cost €8-9m in total (edited to add that figure includes Giroud's salary, so it was bang on) https://sempremilan.com/mn-milan-reach-agreement-with-Chelsea-over-giroud-operation-will-cost-e8-9m-in-total AC Milan have reached an agreement with both Chelsea and Olivier Giroud over the transfer of the striker to Italy, a report claims. It has been well documented that the Rossoneri are in the market for a new striker who can be the deputy to Zlatan Ibrahimovic given the Swede will turn 40 before the end
  13. Chelsea boss Tuchel might finally be able to sign 'very strong' player whom he wanted at PSG https://www.thechelseachronicle.com/transfer-news/Chelsea-boss-tuchel-might-finally-be-able-to-sign-very-strong-player-whom-he-wanted-at-psg/ Thomas Tuchel has previously admitted that he would love to have “strong” Rennes midfielder Eduardo Camavinga in his Paris Saint-Germain team — and now he might have the opportunity to sign him at Chelsea. The 18-year-old whose contract at Rennes expires next summer (in 2022) sensation is reportedly set for a summer move to another club. Accor
  14. NHS England waiting list reaches record high for second straight month Experts warn 5.3m backlog could exacerbate burnout with staff facing ‘unprecedented levels of exhaustion’ https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/jul/08/nhs-england-waiting-list-reaches-record-high-second-straight-month The number of patients waiting for NHS treatment in England broke records for the second month in a row to reach 5.3 million, official figures show, prompting warnings the huge care backlog could exacerbate health service staff burnout. It me
  15. he is still around occasionally, but he changed his profile pic from that superb photo of Cruyff smoking a fag whilst managing Barca
  16. Former Real Madrid star Sergio Ramos reveals why he joined PSG amid Chelsea transfer links Sergio Ramos has officially completed his move to French giants Paris Saint-Germain, meaning Chelsea's hopes of signing the experienced defender are over https://www.football.london/Chelsea-fc/transfer-news/sergio-ramos-transfer-Chelsea-psg-21004080 I can sum it up the article is bullshit
  17. Chelsea star 'refuses to report for pre-season' as he seeks permanent Stamford Bridge exit Brazilian Kenedy will not return to Chelsea until his future is agreed https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1460132/Chelsea-transfer-news-Kenedy-Thomas-Tuchel-preseason-training-Premier-League-news Bruno Spindel, executive director of Flamengo, last week confirmed their interest in Kenedy. He told Extra: "He's a very interesting athlete. He had a great season, we would really like to have him, "Because of the financial situation and everything that happened to him, it is
  18. Boris Johnson yet again avoids paying the price for his cavalier attitude Analysis: despite his exoneration, Mustique freebie is just the latest example of a lifelong disdain for rules https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jul/08/boris-johnson-yet-again-avoids-paying-price-cavalier-attitude-mustique-freebie-exoneration Boris Johnson has been formally exonerated for his freebie holiday on the island of Mustique at the expense of a Tory donor. But the convoluted case is just the latest evidence of the prime minister’s apparen
  19. ‘Living with the virus’ makes no sense. Only half of the UK is fully vaccinated We’re heading towards 100,000 Covid cases a day, yet ministers laud ‘freedom day’. It seems no one is accountable https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jul/07/living-with-the-virus-uk-vaccinated-covid-cases After receiving my second vaccination in April, I contracted Covid a week ago. I’m now “living with the virus”, a phrase emblematic of the failure of UK public health. Just look at the relative death rates in China (population 1.4 billion), Vietnam (100 million), the United States (3
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