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  1. no Spanish media outlets are reliable the whole country's sports journos are shit
  2. roflmaoooo €70m for that dwarf??? and in this market????? Sevilla have lost their fucking mind!!!
  3. he isnt, IF he is healthy
  4. Because all Albanians look alike smdh https://www.sportsmole.co.uk/football/Chelsea/transfer-talk/news/Chelsea-to-sign-highly-rated-teenager-to-five-year-deal_454700.html?newsnow Elseid Hysaj is NOT Broja, ffs
  5. Ashley Cole apologises to Kalvin Phillips after England’s win vs Denmark at Euro 2020 https://metro.co.uk/2021/07/08/ashley-cole-apologises-to-kalvin-phillips-after-englands-win-vs-denmark-at-euro-2020-14893959/ Ashley Cole revealed that he issued a personal apology to Kalvin Phillips after England’s Euro 2020 semi-final victory over Denmark on Wednesday evening. Gareth Southgate’s will play Italy in Sunday’s final at Wembley after securing a 2-1 victory against Denmark in extra time. Raheem Sterling won the decisive penalty and while Harry Kane saw his spot kick saved by Ka
  6. good little podcast about Sweden society and politics https://www.thelocal.com/podcasts/sweden-in-focus/ A weekly, behind-the-scenes look at the biggest news stories in Sweden with the journalists who know them best. Every Saturday with The Local Sweden.
  7. Magdalena Eriksson: Some people say footballers shouldn’t talk about big issues – they’re wrong https://theathletic.com/2693960/2021/07/09/magdalena-eriksson-some-people-say-footballers-shouldnt-talk-about-big-issues-theyre-wrong/ Why can you not just support human rights? What is the problem? Those were my first reactions when UEFA refused to light the Allianz Arena in rainbow colours before Germany’s Euro 2020 match against Hungary, citing the “political context”. Later, it banned rainbow ads at two of the quarter-finals. Then, I saw the scenes from Baku, where security
  8. https://omnipollo.com/collections/store Pluckin’ Feathers A dream collaboration has come to fruition – a transatlantic double brew with Horus Aged Ales! Our result is a Blueberry Coconut Hazelnut Imperial Stout, a complex and velvety stout with a combination of toasted nutty flavours, ladled with blueberries for a hint of tartness and a rich caramelized finish. Brewed with insane amounts of berries, nuts and vanilla. Henok Imperial Stout, 12.2 % by vol. Brewed at Brouwerij De Molen in the Netherlands. Artwork by Karl Grandin.
  9. NIKE Flow 2020 ISPA Sneakers https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/nike/brown-flow-2020-ispa-sneakers/8364831 https://www.overkillshop.com/en/nike-flow-2020-ispa-se-ci1474-200.html
  10. Napoli are trying to complete a deal for Italy left-back Emerson Palmieri but I Partenopei are not willing to pay the €20 million that Chelsea want for the defender. snip According to Sky Sport Italia, Emerson is a player of interest to Napoli and new coach Luciano Spalletti would like him to join the Neapolitans but Chelsea are not moving away from their demands of €20m despite the Brazilian-born Italian having less than a year left on his contract.
  11. unless their name is Gravenberch, please no more 'straight from the Eredivisie' players especially forwards they often are busts in the EPL and look at who his agent is there us a reason all of the following fairly big names just sit in the Dutch league year after year, despite often huge numbers or big reps there they are simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH for the big boy leagues look at Ziyech so far, look at Tadic (reverse), look at Haller (reverse) thriving in a farmer league: David Neres Sébastien Haller Antony Lis
  12. Lambda COVID variant: All you need to know about the new UK coronavirus strain The new strain, previously referred as 'C.37' or the 'Andean' variant, has reached the UK. Here's what we know about the Lambda variant. https://www.sciencefocus.com/news/lambda-variant/ Eight people have tested positive for the new Lambda variant of the coronavirus, which some have warned could be more transmissible than the Delta variant, which is currently the dominant strain in the UK. A pre-print analysis, which has yet to be peer-reviewed, of the spike proteins on the SARS-CoV-2 Lambd
  13. variant is NOT a good term to be tossing about these days
  14. so unless we nail one of the big 5 it's DCL or roll the dice on David or are you in for Lautaro? pretty much much your only three options left of the ones I listed unless you want to toss in a name of your own convince me of another path I think we are insane if we buy Ings, for instance, he will likely go down with another knee injury, I simply think he is fated to be fucked at the end of the day by injuries that wreck his career (and he 29yo in 2 weeks) and there is no stand pat anymore as we are very likely selling the 2 CF's now Giroud is gone, Tamm
  15. Given the brand spanking new studies that now show only a 10% efficacy rate against Delta after one jab (for all vaccines, not just the shite AstraZeneca) (the method that Bojo the clown and the asshat Tories chose, do one and then wait months (unlike most all other advanced nations, where you get the 2nd dose 3 to 4 weeks later) for the 2nd vax) and due to Delta now running riot in the UK it is INSANE to allow a crowd into Wembley and even MORE insane and deadly to open it all up (the nation) July 19th just wow
  16. I cannot be more blunt. That cunt BoJo and the fucking Tories, by going for a one jab only and then months wait for the 2nd vax (almost no other nation is doing that) has, is, and will kill thousands needlessly (especially as even though it prevents a majority of the chances of death and hospitalisation, you still get infected/spread the virus, so herd immunity is fucked up). The Delta (and likely the new Lambda as well) variant simply runs roughshod over all the vaccines after one dose. New studies are showing only a 10% efficacy rate. After 2 jabs the efficacy skyrockets. You do t
  17. New Napoli boss Luciano Spalletti admits he 'might' have spoken to Chelsea left-back Emerson Palmieri about a move to Serie A after playing under him at Roma with the Italy star out of favour at Stamford Bridge https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9770989/Chelsea-Napoli-boss-Luciano-Spalletti-admits-spoken-Emerson-Palmieri.html
  18. its is a £7.5m net gain as we remove his £5.7m salary from the books as well pretty decent business by Marina
  19. perhaps we actually ARE much closer to signing Håland than we all believe I think banging down €140-150m (£120-128m) would turn Dortmund's heads and still leave us £122-130m to play with (IF the pre-window quoted £250m in the pot figure for transfers is to be believed)
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