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  1. make it an OBLIGATION to buy and deal massive win for us as it also gets him away from EPL teams who could be REALLY improved by him
  2. they will have over a quarter of a BILLION euros to spend in the biggest buyer's market of the century surely they can shore up the team ina MASSIVE way, and future-proof it as well by buying young and/or in early prime players with players like Boubacar Kamara PLUS Aouar going for a combined £30m quid or so! they can just rape and pillage Ligue 1, plus so many other players out there at bargain basement prices they could, for instance, buy Lautaro (who does slot in perfectly for their style) for €80-90m and still have €170m or so left to spend for a NET ZERO outlay
  3. lololol I may be wrong but IF Brasil wins tonight and then wins the World Cup next year Neymar will only be a case of the mumps (he missed the 2015 UEFA Super Cup when Barca won, because of the mumps) and the Campeonato Brasileiro (he did win the Campeonato Paulista) away from being the first player in history to win EVERY major trophy on TWO continents for club and country that are possible he has won all in Europe except the Supercup (his team did win), including EVERY domestic trophy possible for both Barca and PSG, both domestic super cups, and all 3 domestics cup
  4. not saying the pressure here would not have been worse, but it hardly will be non-existent in Paris the French press is HORRID too
  5. Nike Wmns Fontanka Edge Article number : DB3932-500 Color: Iris Whisper / Summit White-Venice-Black https://www.footish.se/sneakers/nike/nike-wmns-fontanka-edge-db3932-500 Inspired by St. Petersburg rave culture, step beyond the confines and let a new wave of style take hold in the Nike Fontanka Edge.
  6. New Balance x STAUD https://www.newbalance.se/en/new-arrivals/
  7. tell that to the trillion quid sheiks
  8. he is an idiot then (not for wanting to go play at RM) EOS
  9. does he not think the pressure on him will be insane at PSG???? he is a fool if he thinks it will not be
  10. here is the truly big picture (as is my want to do) Real Madrid is soon going to be sitting in the catbird's seat even more so, especially as they will sort their finances out 1 billion euro new giant stadium, most successful club in history, a name and brand so huge they are overcoming loss of a top 5 player in history (CR7), the team almost ALL the best players DREAM (that is a TRULY powerful thing) of going to play for Barca is in the process of imploding over a multi-year period we lack (the soonest it could happen is 7 to 10 years from now) a world class stadium
  11. Explain this please. You are saying the fact we have won a HUGE trophy (biggest club trophy on the planet) without him makes him not want to come?
  12. €150m makes sense, it's double the highest quote of his release clause next summer if they try and go for €175m + add-ons/bribes to the cunt Mino and his father + a 3 years or so escape hatch then fuck the deal buy Vlahovic (DCL I fear will be close to 90-100m quid or so) and see what happens and ffs (not yelling at you, lol) sort out all the rest of our weak points if possible it's a buyers market like I have NEVER seen in my life
  13. It's been €150m (not pounds) for ages, now all of sudden it is going up? Not buying it. I have been all over this, and I am by far the FOREX conversation stickler on here since I joined, so it is not me making a conversion. His release clause has been quoted as between 65 and 75m euros. If is the lower, then €175m is only 20m away from being TRIPLE that. 150m euros is double the higher quote of €75m, which if fair. IF the price they demand IS truly €175m, (and you know add-ons are not included in that) and IF that cunt Raiola insists on a 3 years or so and out escape hatch, then FUCK THE
  14. Dortmund are fools if we offer them €150m for Håland and they turn it down do you realise what over a quarter of a billion euros (between Sancho, Håland plus the smaller sales they have already done) can do IN THIS market, this once in multiple decades market? they can buy up players for pennies on the pound radically transform the team and its depth and youth for a decade plus via the synergistic knock-on effects they lose Håaland next year anyway, and for a sheload less dosh and I so doubt the market will be as low priced as now
  15. Ings has immense disasterclass signing potential
  16. Boubacar Kamara for only £12-13m is an absolutely blinding steal look at my DMF (and CB as well before he was switched out) lists over the past couple years he is always in the mix class player, can play DMF, CMF, CB, and I wager, with his pace, he could fill in at wingback in a pinch
  17. a good laugh here (they have only been chasing Zouma for 3 plus years) Chelsea defender a shock transfer target for Everton http://www.thehardtackle.com/news/2021/07/10/transfer-news-tottenham-everton-interested-in-Chelsea-ace-kurt-zouma/ smdh
  18. Chelsea call Kenedy back for preseason, leave Flamengo hanging — report Who will blink first? https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/Chelsea-fc-transfer-rumours-news/2021/7/10/22570570/Chelsea-call-kenedy-back-for-preseason-leave-flamengo-hanging-report Flamengo’s “cautiously optimistic” attempts to acquire Kenedy are turning less cautiously pessimistic, despite their charm offensive aimed at “seducing” the 25-year-old to stay in Brazil. They may have convinced him that it would be a good thing for his career, but Chelsea are not too keen on just letting him stay there.
  19. When Serie A Was King ROY HODGSON Inter Milan, 1995-1997 https://www.coachesvoice.com/serie-a-roy-hodgson-crystal-palace/ When my first spell as manager of Inter Milan started, the Premier League was still in its infancy. It was 1995, and Italy was the country the top players gravitated to – it's also where the money was. There weren’t £1m wage earners in England then, but there certainly were in Italy. Many of the world’s stars were playing there – the finest Netherlands, Germany and Brazil internationals all came to Italy. In that respect, it was a fascinat
  20. England players to donate Euro 2020 prize money to the NHS https://metro.co.uk/2021/07/09/england-players-to-donate-euro-2020-prize-money-to-the-nhs-14900417/ England’s players will donate their Euro 2020 prize money to various NHS charities after Sunday’s final against Italy. The Football Association will be in line to receive around £24 million if England beat Italy at Wembley. A portion of that fee – around £9.6m – will be shared among Gareth Southgate’s 26-man squad, but the players intend to donate their winnings to help the NHS. If the Three Lions are beaten by It
  21. please be fake news, ffs Transfer News: Tiemoue Bakayoko exit blocked by Chelsea https://astamfordbridgetoofar.com/2021/07/10/thomas-tuchel-blocks-summer-exit-for-forgotten-Chelsea-midfield-star-report/ According to transfer news from Mirror, Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has blocked an exit for Tiemoue Bakayoko. A proposed loan deal to AC Milan is now on the rocks as Tuchel wants to give the French midfielder a chance in the squad. Bakayoko burst onto the scene at AS Monaco in 2016/17. His impressive showings prompted Chelsea to splash a decent £40m on him in 2017. Despite
  22. oh totally agree it's like a Telenovela, lolol
  23. Kounde's shortness Illustrated in another fashion Verratti is Kounde Verratti's GF, Jessica Aidi (ten cm taller at 1.75m, so hardly some massive glamazon) is a NORMAL CB or we can really see the difference with Verratti's ex, Cindy Bruna (who is basically almost as tall as I am, maybe a half cm shorter or so at 182.5cm the difference between these 2 girls and Verratti is the difference between Kounde and AC (current GF) or Kounde and Sule or Botman or VVD or Tapsoba, etc, etc (ex GF)
  24. lol I am not even going to dignify that with a reply
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