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  1. Some Chelsea fans amazed by ‘immense’ defender in 1-1 Liverpool draw Andreas Christensen gets the recognition he deserves https://www.thechelseachronicle.com/fan-views/some-Chelsea-fans-amazed-by-immense-defender-in-1-1-liverpool-draw/ A selection of Chelsea supporters on social media picked out Christensen as their star performer today. The entire team rolled their sleeves up in the second period, especially the defenders. Christensen, 25, has become such a vital player during the Tuchel era. The Danish centre-half was gigantic at the back, which was especially imp
  2. we are winning trophies because of, NOT despite of these players so many on here slag off all the time
  3. how can you NOT rate Jorgiho at this point he has been magnificent for months even his defence and tacking has been crazy good and other than the bonehead confusion where alonso knocked the ball away from Mendy, that lead to the pen and red, he was solid as fuck overall, other than one time (and he had cover at least, to a point) he shut down Salah for the most part
  4. omg that cunt taylor only too a 2 second look at a STILL image (NOT a motion replay) and gave the red based off that!!!!!
  5. loo, a German talking about a pure will to power Tuchel LOLOL
  6. one of the dirtiest thugs in the league will NEVER forgive that brasil twat for blowing snot on Eden
  7. fabinho had like 6, 7 yelow card level challenges, and FUCKALL called
  8. Tuchel is an in-game defensive god-like tactician
  9. he has destroyed us with insanely shit calls so so so many times
  10. Taylor needs to be banned from ALL our matches. and really should be sacked as an EPL ref
  11. yuo are more optimistic than I am they are going to slice is up like a Sunday roast
  12. uts not even a big game thing, it was just stupid, you can see mendy yelling for the ball
  13. and Kante picked the wrong pass on that 3 on 2, he can Mount wide open on the left for a one touch
  14. here is something maybe not said yet fucking Alonso fucking blocked Mendy from catching the ball well before that shit
  15. fuck!!! we were in complete control and PGMOL intervenes and likely domes us to a loss
  16. I almost turned it off and I NEVER do that I cannot recall the last time I was this angry
  17. zero chance that was a red!!! it was off his fucking leg first
  18. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee what a header from Kai!!!
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