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  1. the batshit christofascist white nationalism is flowing think and fast in Murica this fuckstick and hundreds of others like him are followed by millions of armed lunatics
  2. IF Conte leaves (obviously it would likely be for PSG) then the replacement will come from this group I wager (some would be hard as hell to pull) Gian Piero Gasperini Laurent Blanc Urs Fischer Poch Giovanni van Bronckhorst Thomas Frank Graham Potter Simone Inzaghi Marco Rose Joachim Löw these cannot come (World Cup) Didier Deschamps Luis Enrique Kasper Hjulmand
  3. I do not think even they can fuck it up but, stranger things have happened they only need a draw Norwich's GD is negative 128 goals compared to Citeh through 37 games hell, its negative 98 compared to us and we have 2 games to play, not one roflmaoooooooooooooooooo
  4. I listed him as a Jorginho replacement for ages
  5. he was an absolute beast tonight, set up the game winning goal
  6. yesssssssssssss we are in the CL 2 nil
  7. 2021-22 English Premier League Newcastle United Arsenal https://www.sportnews.to/sports/2022/premier-league-newcastle-united-vs-arsenal-s1/ https://www.totalsportek.com/football/newcastle-vs-arsenal-live-streaming-online/
  8. they still think they can resign him
  9. these are their base voters, so nutters come with the territory
  10. and people wonder why I have wanted Theo for years now this is one of the greatest fullback goals of the last 25 years, top 5 for sure Maradonaesque and in a huge pressure game
  11. lol at anyone who wanted this shitfuck family anywhere near the club and SHAME on that lesbian lefty sister of theirs for sticking with that fucked up christonazi racist insane family she can go fuck herself if she doesn't massively condemn this scumfuckery Pete Ricketts Openly Says Rape Victims Should Be Forced to Have Rapist's Baby https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/rape-victims-forced-rapist-baby-190834342.html Republican America:
  12. IF they win a same season double cup. plus the league and the CL quad (they had no chance to play in the CS, the super cup, or the FWCC) we will NEVER EVER hear the end of it it will be a never ending nightmare
  13. lol, red card for last man Everton down to 10
  14. of course, just in time for us, Vardy is exploding lately
  15. I fucking hate the bindippers never will stop I hate the city and scousers even more its massively personal for me
  16. crowds inside and outside have been going mental AF for hours
  17. 2021-22 English Premier League Everton Brentford https://www.sportnews.to/sports/2022/premier-league-everton-vs-brentford-s1/ https://www.totalsportek.com/everton20/
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