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  1. 2020-21 UEFA Europa League, Semifinals Arsenal Villarreal http://www.sportnews.to/mysports/2021/europa-league-arsenal-vs-villarreal-s2/ https://www.totalsportek.com/page-4/
  2. Gloriously po-faced crying in the media over Eden Hazard smiling Man in having old friends shock. Photograph: El Chiringuito TV John Brewin ‘WE USED TO WALK ALONG THE RI
  3. adidas Originals x OAMC Type 0-6 https://www.footpatrol.com/product/white-adidas-originals-x-oamc-type-0-6/399038_footpatrolcom/ https://www.footpatrol.com/product/black-adidas-originals-x-oamc-type-0-6/399040_footpatrolcom/
  4. A-ZX returns one last time: ZX 0000 Evolution https://www.adidas.se/zx-0000-evolution-shoes/GZ8500.html A-ZX delves deep into the archive for its last drop, presenting the never-before-seen ZX 0000 silhouette to the public. Originally set to be the last silhouette in the ZX ‘000 series in 1989, this special remake marks the end of the A-ZX series.
  5. Tuchel's tactical tinkering explained Wednesday May 5 2021 Matt Law's Chelsea briefing Formation chang
  6. winning the CL and FA Cup trumps winning the league and the league cup
  7. a super move by Roman and the board
  8. Rudiger is playing at WC level for a nice spell
  9. oki, you have me now what? I have not watched any news all day
  10. super dominant performance, other than the finishing
  11. finally weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. thsi is insane how many chances we are getting and not scoring
  13. Casemiro off they will be WIDE open in the middle
  14. are you sure, did not we just go over this all last leg? people gave an example of Ramirez being told by the telly presenter he was out for the final
  15. FUCK another blown chance we should be up 4 nil at least
  16. we need to be more clinical for sure!
  17. fuck another great chance not taken fuck
  18. damn, another chance with that Thiago header
  19. Vinicius and Militao are shit defensively
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