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  1. Romano just said all the deals are still on, but 20 minutes for La Liga and 40 minutes for Chels, and it is getting in danger time
  2. he has not said it on Twitter, as of this second, I am refreshing like crazy
  3. I hope this doesn't get cocked up, will be a massive shitshow
  4. WOW after my obsession (Theo), he was 2nd best available on the planet (potentially)
  5. not freaking out yet, I hope they have it sorted
  6. IF we really want Kounde, then buy him next season as it stands (I would do the final figures in a bit) we are at LEAST £50m IN THE BLACK for this window and still managed to bring in a top 4 or 5 on planet CF and a superb CMF at this exact instant (and counting Mbappe as a CF) these are the best 6 CF's by miles, on the planet, insane drop-off after these 6 (and the last 2 listed are in early mid 30's now) by age: Erling Haaland (21) Kylian Mbappé (22) Harry Kane (28) Romelu Lukaku (28) Robert Lewandowski (33) Karim Benzema (soon 34,
  7. zero reason he can not get back to WC level, he had one off year or so, before that he as a top 5 (maybe top 2 or 3 for couple) CMF on planet level for 5 straight years, and the bloke is only 26, not inured, healthy as a horse, great size, drive, stamina, technical AF, and versatile AF was well I have always stanned on him for ages (my old posts show this to be true)
  8. nothing to do with Romano, BUT ALL the major Spanish papers have been proven to be massive liars once and for all and the Real plastics REALLY showed their arses and are now humiliated (unfortunately only temporarily) and French good sources have been proven to be sussed in I speak, of course, about Mbappe ALL the Spanish sources said done deal, blah blah (and that was days ago, like a week ago) I said nope, €215m is the minimum PSG will take, based of my extensive reading and comparing notes and sure enough, PSG ended up turning down €200mand Real gave up
  9. in lieu of a statue I will simply settle for you admitting we turned down £65m for Willian from Barca, on July 20 or 21, 2018 or so when we were leaving Australia after some preseason there Willian himself, ex post facto, in Brasilian telly (Globo TV and another, which I had translated by my Swedish/Norwegian descent, Porto Allegre Brazilian born gold digging friend (she dated a near billionaire jewellery magnate who was 25,30 years older than her) and print interviews said Barca made 3 offers (the third was the £65m) but he did not want to leave Chelsea due to his family and businesses b
  10. also Romano finally had a huge fuck up called the Saul deal dead AF over and over
  11. can I get a little love here? lol
  12. sounds like an old hetero couple trying to have sex
  13. Lol, imagine a CB pair of Botman (1.95m) and Kounde (1.78m) Talk about the highs and the lows, lolol.
  14. What the hell is up with us and dwarfs? If I were straight, Insigne would be a good date as he about comes up to my crotch level when standing, and has a flat top of head so I can put my martini there whilst he goes about taking care of business.
  15. Tchouameni and Saul are two entirely different types of players. The first is a DMF, the 2nd a CMF, and their game play is different too.
  16. MMA fighter battered after shoving sex toy in rival's face during eye-popping weigh-in The surprise dildo became the star of a weigh-in between two Polish MMA fighters ahead of their High League bout in Gdansk on Saturday https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/other-sports/lil-masti-beats-brodnicka-mma-24869502
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