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  1. Jesus Christ, it's basically the same team we've been seeing the past 3 years. Conte wanting to "assess" these players first is going to be his downfall. I like the Kante & Batshuayi signings but if I'm honest I think the entire team bar Courtois & Hazard is dispensable.
  2. Michy is a pretty good looking man no homo, Chalobah looks like the average guy on the street. Don't see it apart from the hairstyles.
  3. There's zero chance Chalobah becomes a starter this season because of a few pre-season games. He couldn't buy a game at Napoli last season ffs. Aina's the only one with a legitimate shot at starting.
  4. Unfortunately agree. Think next summer is when we upgrade. Imagine going into another CL campaign (hopefully) with Cesc & Matic. You worried at the lack of defensive signings yet? Aina, Terry, Cahill & Azpi is arguably the worst backline amongst all the other contenders.
  5. We were better because Hazard came on just like against Madrid. He's next level. Michy has also quietly outplayed Costa in pre-season so far.
  6. Ugh, that team is horrendous. Can't stay up for another half of Traore, Moses & Willian. Was hoping to see Hazard, Kante & Michy from the start smh.
  7. Look, we already have 2 £30m strikers at the club. Our biggest weakness right now is our pathetic defence not a lack of another £30m+ striker when we already have two. If the likes of Dybala, Neymar & Suarez were available then I'd be all for the big money move but they aren't. Willian Costa/Batshuayi Cuadrado Hazard Cesc Kante That's an above average midfield & attack. Not anything amazing but more than decent. A backline of:- Azpilicueta Terry Cahill Ivanovic on the other hand is beyond pathetic. Ideally none of them would be starters.
  8. I'd rather have no one in all honesty. Throwing an absurd amount of money at Lukaku because he's the only available striker is absurd.
  9. Praying to God Everton hold firm and we dodge this bullet.
  10. Nonsense. Hazard alone will carry us to Top 4 like he did in the 2 previous seasons.
  11. I think that's the risk you have to take in this situation. The goal for the club is inquiring an elite striker that would get into almost any club in the World, the type of forward we haven't had since Drogba. Costa isn't that & Lukaku sure as hell isn't either. Michy obviously isn't that but could potentially be, we save £75m+ if we luck out like Tottenham did with Kane & United with Rashford/Martial.
  12. Sell, sell, sell. Another flawed player. Overly one footed, poor decision maker, can't pass, slow, inconsistent defender. Sold everyone dreams with his first 3 months here but his performances have declined ever since.
  13. Our club is a bit of a joke. I would've wanted him gone if Lukaku wasn't going to be the replacement. Sell him back to Atleti, make a bold move for Mahrez & play Hazard as a #10 with Michy ahead. Wait it out for a while until the next big striker or prospect becomes available.
  14. Most promising thing about tonight is it looked like both he & Eden already have an understanding between one another something Costa hasn't been able to do in 2 years now. Great signing by Emenalo. He could turn out to be a special player.
  15. He's a genuine winger rather than a zone winger like Hazard or whatever the hell Pedro & Willian are.
  16. Is his technique & passing great because it genuinely is or because compared to Costa he looks like Pele? I'm having a hard time distinguishing between the two.
  17. People on here really think Costa's World Class? Really? He's a very good striker but the tag is completely devalued if we're calling him World Class. Simply too many flaws in his game & he isn't even the most clinical forward regardless. I'd take about 5/6 different center forwards ahead of him.
  18. Exactly. I would've only been legitimately worried about this if Mourinho were still here. Zouma is coming off a major injury, Cahill isn't very good & this is most likely John Terry's last season at the club.
  19. Hazard creates the most chances in the League from open play. He doesn't get huge assist numbers because he doesn't take set pieces & we don't have top strikers. Anyway, Hazard takes up central positions all the time and hardly plays like a winger. Anyway answer my question. Why are you so desperate for a #10 when the top tier teams - Bayern, PSG, Barca, Madrid & Juve don't play with one?
  20. Hazard is a #10 and so is Fabregas. No top team plays with one anyway.
  21. Because I'm not a fan of Willian, that apparently makes having 3 ball carriers in the team a good idea. Willian's only strength is his ball carrying ability & with two superior dribblers like Mahrez & Hazard in the side that would make his skills redundant in the team. Way too many posters on here act like Willian is the 2nd coming of Ronaldinho. This discussion is pointless because he isn't coming here but if you sign Mahrez you switch to 433 & give Hazard/Mahrez creative freedom like Barca do with Neymar/Messi & Madrid with Bale/Ronaldo. Why would you play 3 wingers toge
  22. What does Oscar have to do with anything? WIllian as an attacking midfielder is stupid. There's no need for him in the team if we sign Mahrez.
  23. Why not go 433 with Cesc, Kante, Matic instead?
  24. Wilian as the attacking midfielder? LOL.
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