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  1. He needs to start getting legitimate minutes. Conte's playing a dangerous game by freezing him out so much. What if Hazard or Costa get injured? Where are the goals going to come from then?
  2. He had another World Class performance. Should've had like 4 assists today. Visibly and understandably tired towards the last 15 minutes.
  3. Unpopular opinion but I didn't think he was that good today. Average performance considering the vast amount of space Boro gave him, same with Alonso.
  4. Has Willian ever played as well as this? Genuine question. Great video without shitty music & just commentary.
  5. I'm glad you quoted that. Nothing more frustrating that people claiming Hazard's a poor defender. He's very good at winning the ball & is damn near unbeatable in duels because of his body strength. Just don't expect him to track fullbacks and rightly so.
  6. It's kinda sad that Pedro just had his best game for us & the main discussion on here is replacing him. Mane would've been the ideal candidate.
  7. He tore West Ham a new one. He showed some brilliant pieces of skill. That first touch to take the ball past Jagielka (after the crazy Pedro skill) which he should've scored from and of course pulling the ball out of the sky & the smooth nutmeg to help set up Pedro's goal. I'm fine with him dribbling into packed defences this season tbh. My only gripe with him is his poor passing.
  8. You guys are saying Adama has zero potential at RWB but without the benefit of hindsight would anyone on this forum would've claimed Moses would excel at that position 3/4 months ago? It's a relatively easy position to play, you just need to have incredible stamina which Traore has in abundance.
  9. Mahrez is the only realistic target I can think of. The likes of Griezmann & Dybala would cost an arm & a leg.
  10. We'll struggle to improve on him with the form he's in. Just thanking the Lord I don't have to watch 90 minutes of Willian anymore. Hallelujah.
  11. A few of his highlights so far. His passing is way better than Bonucci's, it's not even close. He can play any ball he wishes with either foot. https://streamable.com/7uv9 That doesn't even include his performance tonight which was his best yet. He completely controlled the game with his passing.
  12. Off topic as hell but we should make a move for Adama Traore. Same exact profile as Moses except better in every aspect. I'd love to see those two compete for that position especially since Moses is injury prone.
  13. Next Puyol? Both started out as fullbacks
  14. Let's be honest. He's an utter shit winger and anyone pretending different clearly doesn't understand the game but he's legit borderline World Class at RWB. I'm still in awe at how well he's playing.
  15. RLC hasn't played CM since he bossed Maribor. He's played AM or recently Second Striker.
  16. Best in the League. Fuck the haters.
  17. Lets pretend that Liverpool game never happened. Still frustrating to think about considering we practically gave them the 3 point with our negativity.
  18. He's been immense this season. Tore Leicester's CB's a new one last night even though he couldn't finish his chances. Great disguised pass in the build up to Cesc's 1st as well. Something he rarely does.
  19. Think people are reading too much into his cameo. The game was pretty much won after the Wasilewski sending off.
  20. I think his ceiling is a Nolito type of player. Let's wait and see. So far he's been great centrally but has struggled when pushed out wide.
  21. Brilliant performance tonight. Was shocked at how well he played.
  22. He's not that good don't let this recent purple patch fool you. Slow, weak & is weak technically compared to his brother.
  23. We're conceding for fun without him in the team & when the alternative is Matic it matters little.
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