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  1. Don't think I can handle another season of 4231. We simply don't have the personnel for it.
  2. Matic & Begovic are still garbage I see.
  3. He would be an immense signing. He's an excellent passer & ball carrier.
  4. I'm starting to like the idea of playing 3 at the back more & more. RWB would be Willian's best position(would hide his glaring flaws), Hazard would be given the ultimate freedom as a #10, Conte/Michy play best with a strike partner & it could potentially prolong JT's career as a starter if we sign Koulibaly. I think we'd have to bin Cesc though. He's just too slow. What does everyone else think?
  5. We conceded 53 goals last season, FIFTY THREE. Matic, Mikel & Ramires were B2B midfielders masquerading as defensive midfielders while Kante's arguably the best in the world. How could you not be excited. Unlike Ramires & Matic, Kante's also technically capable. He isn't Toni Kroos or Modric but he's not a donkey either.
  6. Mourinho gets the sack & by magic, the quality of our signings revert to pre 2013. Emenalo does it yet again.
  7. People really expect him to play this well every game? That was a far better performance than Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Bale, Suarez etc have ever had at International level. Why is Hazard the only player in the World that has such unrealistic bars set for him?
  8. Gilvorak


    Brazil have gone out in the group stages in 2 straight years without Oscar. Reached a WC Semi-final & won the the Confederations Cup with him. Oscar is far better for Brazil & it isn't close.
  9. Gilvorak


    Exposed at the Copa. Toothless player.
  10. I'm still adamant KDB on the right & Hazard #10 are the roles both should be playing. Hazard is a traditional playmaker, he wants to get on the ball, create space, beat defenders & combine with other players. De Bruyne on the other hand is a better pure winger than Hazard with his insane crossing ability & killer instinct. It should be Carrasco - Hazard - De Bruyne Why do Belgians rate Mertens so highly btw? All he does is cut inside & shoot.
  11. Even Pellegrini doesn't think De Bruyne's a technical or creative player & he isn't wrong. He doesn't participate in build up at all, he's pretty much a second striker.
  12. He was the best Belgian on the pitch. He literally started all the attacks yesterday. Not his fault he has to do De Bruyne's job for him.
  13. He's still one hell of a player. Surround him with runners and he'll thrive.
  14. We sold Mata, we'll probably sell Willian too if the price is right. Especially with the emergence of Musonda.
  15. There would be nothing more ironic than Willian leaving after being lauded by our dumb fans for his passion & loyalty while the much maligned Hazard stays despite being one of the few players in the world that can pretty much pick any club of his choosing.
  16. I actually think we'll win the League next season.
  17. I still don't get the love affair this forum has with him. He's been a massive flop for United. There are much better & younger players out there.
  18. Nah, he's not a top footballer anymore. There's a reason he lost his place to Lingard & can no longer get into the Spanish squad. He just had a fluke season like Ramsey did a couple of years ago.
  19. Hands down the most overrated player we've had. In hindsight, Hazard & Torres both made him look a lot better than he was. He has zero influence on games. He thrived as a 2nd striker where he did next to no defensive work. Has been exposed ever since.
  20. Think he'll be much better than Mark Noble in a couple of years. Probably a rich mans Jordan Henderson.
  21. And our fans called Hazard & Cesc the snakes. LOL.
  22. De Bruyne could've fit in with Oscar who was in great form at the time. Signing Willian is what fucked up everything.
  23. He's absolutely horrendous for Spain. There's no space to run in behind and he doesn't have the technique to participate in their intricate passing style. Choosing them over Brazil is hands down one of the dumbest decisions of all time.
  24. Did you see Willian and Pedro's performances today? Unbelievable. We really don't have many intelligent players on this team apart from Cesc, Terry & Hazard. No wonder Pep turned us down.
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