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  1. The sooner people realise we're no longer Chelsea of 2005 that can outbid & outspend everyone else the better. Both Manchester clubs have far more financial might than us now. Conte should've been chasing after realistic projects like Stones & Paredes instead of Koulibaly & Nainggolan.
  2. Not going to pretend he's elite or anything but at least he's better than Ricardo Rodriguez.
  3. Exactly, this squad is more than good enough for Top 4. We're still 2/3 signings away from a legitimate title challenge though.
  4. Because I watched a lot of him when De Bruyne was a Wolfsburg player and also with Switzerland. He's a horrific defender and is slow as fuck. That's why no big club is interested.
  5. I say we start with 442 since we know Burnley are going to set up to defend for 90 minutes. Change it up at halftime if it isn't working.
  6. It didn't work because Matic is fucking shit.
  7. It's because he can't defend and he isn't as good going forward as everyone thinks. His stats are heavily inflated because he's a very good set piece taker.
  8. He's fucking wank which is why PSG are getting rid of him.
  9. I gave up on him after his gutless performance against 10 man PSG, the worst CM performance I've ever seen from a Chelsea midfielder.
  10. I don't think anyone here is adamant he's the finished article yet but surely you can understand the hype? He's quick, powerful, two footed, good technically, skillful, great with his back to goal, can finish from acute angles & most important has a big personality that most great strikers have. The only question marks with him are his decision making & maybe aerial ability. I think Conte is the best possible coach to fix the former.
  11. He was tragic but he just won us 4 points in 2 games. He would be so much better if he kept it simple instead of thinking he's Fat Ronaldo & trying to dribble past the entire defence.
  12. He's so fucking good it's unreal, we got an absolute bargain. And unlike Matic he's actually deceptively gifted technically. His close control, composure, ball retention & even long range passing have all been on point so far. Still think we should've sold Matic & got a player in the ilk of Alonso so we can get the most out of him. Him playing holder for Matic is a scandal.
  13. Second best player at the club. Him being left out of the team for two players who can barely control a ball is a disgrace.
  14. He's fucking tragic. Should've been shipped to Juve while he still has any value.
  15. Don't care if it's with Costa or instead of him absolutely needs to start. Our most talented striker.
  16. Told you guys our midfield & attack is fucking woeful. Matic, Oscar, Cesc, Willian, Pedro, Costa, Moses etc all flawed players.
  17. Gonna be some broken hearts on this board come September. Not a single reputable paper has reported our supposed interest in James.
  18. I like the guy & hope he goes on to have a solid career but I just don't understand the blind faith in a player that's only found success in the Championship 4 seasons ago. He couldn't buy a game at Napoli & Burnley in the top flight yet he's suddenly the answer to all our problems because he had a few decent cameo appearances in pre-season.
  19. All good points I suppose. Just find it odd he singles out Hazard who's one of the Top 2 players in the World at ball retention but not Oscar who's still a toothpick & is easily bullied off the ball.
  20. Is a player like Hazard bulking up a good idea though? You wouldn't want him to lose his agility & speed.
  21. He's another Baba except he's slow as fuck, rumour seems like BS.
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