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  1. We aren't signing Matuidi lol. He's 29, overrated & on absurd wages.
  2. Koulibaly is obviously Conte's #1 target. You guys slag off the board for the Baba Rahman signing yet are so eager to settle for 2nd best with average players like Mustafi who are no different from Gary Cahill. Conte was KK & the board are trying their best to back him but it's proving difficult because De Laurentiis is a massive cunt as a few posters have already stated.
  3. We just bid a World record fee for a defender & you guys are slagging off the board. You can't make this shit up.
  4. I'm personally delighted our board is going for the best possible targets available this year. Settling for mediocrity last year was our downfall.
  5. You can't fluke being the best player in the entire League guys, that's impossible. Mahrez wouldn't be the first late developer in football.
  6. Mate, imagine if we did sign him though. It'd be an upgraded version of Robben & Ribery with him & Eden out wide. It's looking like the Koulibaly signing could be on as well with the recent reports from Italy as well as Matt Law claiming we've pulled out of the Mustafi deal.
  7. Willian beat out Cuadrado, Pedro, De Bruyne, Schurrle for that RW spot. Wouldn't be surprised if Mahrez flopped.
  8. Lmaoooo. I'm not buying this shit until a credible paper reports our interest but imagine if we actually signed Mahrez lol. Build a statue for Emenalo if we sign Kante, Mahrez, Michy & Koulibaly in one summer with CL football.
  9. You're correct Rodriguez is overrated as fuck and is a defensive liability. Don't want him anywhere near here.
  10. Gilvorak


    Oscar won't go to China anytime soon lol. Plenty of PL/Serie A/Bundesliga/La Liga clubs would be after him.
  11. He should've went out on a high in 2015.
  12. Gilvorak


    Oscar has never played well in pre-season lol. He didn't have one until last year which was a complete & utter failure remember?
  13. Looks like I'm not the only one worried about Conte claiming he could play into his 40s like Maldini then.
  14. Ronaldo has been able to adapt over the years as his athleticism & skills have declined. I agree with you but I wouldn't be surprised if he succeeds there.
  15. Gilvorak


    No doubt I have an agenda but if you want what's best for the club then you'd agree Willian needs replacing. Mahrez, Mhkitaryan, Sanchez, Martial, Sane, Coutinho, Mane, Sterling, Lamela, Eriksen, De Bruyne, Payet are all players that you could argue are better than Willian at other PL clubs & a few of those are average. Hazard, New RW, Willian, Musonda. That's the ideal depth chart for wingers for me. Willian as an automatic starter has been a disaster.
  16. I pray so because I can easily see Ronaldo moving to #9 like he did for Portugal this summer and Hazard replacing Benzema in their team.
  17. I think we can carry John Terry if he was surrounded by 3 quality defenders. With Ivanovic, Matic & Cahill on the field he's just as big a liability.
  18. Gilvorak


    Overrated by Chelsea fans because he's the only one that gave a fuck under Mourinho. Pretty average player in all honesty & needs replacing next summer.
  19. Kante was excellent imo. Not sure what games you guys watched. Matic & the entire backline was shit as usual though.
  20. Kante is amazing but even he paired with Matic won't save the chuckle brothers at the back. We desperately need 2 Top class defensive signings before the window shuts. Start placing your bets on Hazard winning Player of the Year btw.
  21. Willian again. Two players unmarked in the box goes for the shot from an unscorable angle.,,,,,
  22. Couple of observations. Hope Hazard running in behind isn't short lived. Kante is awesome Willian has been woeful since 2015.
  23. Oscar's going to sell everyone dreams yet again isn't he?
  24. Lol, Hazard is about to have the season of his life. Even before the goal you could see how direct & active he is on & off the ball. Conte might be the man to finally improve his goalscoring mentality.
  25. I just want a top quality fullback & Koulibaly. That's all I ask for lol. With Christensen returning next year & Zouma already at the club we don't need more than one new CB. And the fullback could either be a right or left back it doesn't really matter with Azpi's versatility. We let some good fullbacks like Meunier & Raphael Guerriero slip through our fingers this summer. We can go through another season with a backline that conceded over 50 goals.
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