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  1. Funny that, knowing the regulars of the forum I'd wager you'll be among (if not the) first to discuss this 100% seriously.
  2. The timing is odd and I can't see the reason. Time to raid Spurs.
  3. 2 year deal? Surviving the first year will be an achievement in itself so maybe the lengthy negotiations were about him wanting to secure his future in case the worst comes.
  4. Dan is a decent source although that sounds too big to have gotten to him before other "ITKs". A one year contract is obviously the sensible choice and it is good we have sorted the managerial issue relatively early in off-season. Having said that, I wonder if we have the backroom staff to support RDM, whether the Board will now have more control than they ever did and how much of a say will the remaining seniors have. Glad with seeing a decision taken although I'm every bit as worried as I was before it. Maintaining an acceptable league form requires real quality.
  5. Actually I mentioned the shit shooting in contrast to how everything that leads to it (build-up) is quite good and possible more close to real football than in FIFA. Of course once you take away the most enjoying part of football realism is worth little.
  6. Mind providing a link? I'd like to see if the did any actual work or if it's like one of the "gameplay patches" for Fifa.
  7. No mention of improving shots in 2013? The game plays quite decently up to the point where you have to shot. I know I'm spoiled by how FIFA 12 nailed shots but the difference is too noticeable.
  8. Not really a fan of the baby blue but the kit is neat clean and definitely the best away kit we've had in years. Given how the 3rd kit is irrelevant I think this is our best set of kits in quite a while
  9. It should be noted that the journos and subsequently the bookies know sweet fuck all about the inner workings of the club. Remember what the bets were less than a week before the last time we appointed a "long-term" manager?
  10. About time people got a reality check about the transfers of the club. Having said that I have no doubt that after a couple of years fans will attribute the current transfers to whoever is our manager come August in their "analyses" similar to how Grant , Hiddink and Ancelotti were attributed transfers they had little to do with.
  11. Wow this truly is sickening. I'm not one to hold traditions sacred (my Greek club has strong links to Christianity/Byzantium) but this is completely unacceptable. The kit colour and a team's name are the 2 things that should never be touched.
  12. No idea about the best but Adidas shops usually have quite a few Chelsea kits.
  13. Getting the (any) loan sorted so early in the transfer window says something about how much the other club wants him and how he fits into the plans of their coach. With some luck and some managerial stability he may come back with more than 10 PL starts which would be a tremendous number by our standards.
  14. Possibly because high-pressure possession football works only with combined pressure from the midfielders and the defenders. It wasn't AVB's high-line that lost us games, it was the failure to implement the whole package.
  15. Yep, think the level of paranoia is high enough to warrant a temporary lock.
  16. Is it just me or does he look similar to Assassin Creed's Altair?
  17. That would be a great name for the sub-forum
  18. The Guardian's article is well worth a read. I had no idea that the 4 month ban he had gotten was actually overruled.
  19. The links on Liverpool having scouted Hazard remind me of West Ham's bid on Neymar.
  20. Just to give you lot some perspective: General elections will be held in Greece on the 17th of June after a failure to create a majority government. All parties get some free TV time to communicate their message to the public. The (self called) nationalistic party saw fit to include in one of the less than half a dozen visual short "aims" that are shown before their leader starts babbling their support towards the (re)creation and (re)armoring of lethal minefields along the north-eastern Greek boarders.
  21. I have a rough list in this post. 4 players of that list were not part of the Chelsea squad when we started Kalou on the wing not to mention that was a very special occasion. Obviously we may not want some of those players to be regular starters (Malouda), some of them will go out on loan (De Bruyne, Kakuta?) and some may just not belong on the wing (the rest of them ) but that's not how squad depth works. So it could have been a case of simply Dunga not being a fan?
  22. How could that goal ever stand? Ridiculous.
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